Bud Winter Field A Parking Lot? (Update)

Bud "Winter" Field was to become a parking lot for 800 vehicles. The community states otherwise.

LLOYD (BUD) WINTER COACH (Inducted 1985)

Born June 8, 1909, San Francisco, Calif. Died Dec. 6, 1985.

During the late 1960s, San Jose, Calif., had the nickname "Speed City" and Lloyd "Bud" Winter certainly was a major factor in that fame. One of the greatest sprint coaches in the world, Winter tutored some of the fastest athletes in track and field history, including fellow Hall of Famers Harold Davis, Lee Evans and Tommie Smith (Pictured).

During a 35-year coaching career, he produced 102 All-Americans at San Jose State University and 27 of them became Olympians. Winter himself was an Olympic coach, serving as an assistant in 1960. Also an excellent coach in other track and field disciplines, Winter worked with Greece's Chris Papanicolaou, the first man to pole vault 18 feet.

Winter organized the first international coaches clinic in 1956 and he also authored several coaching books, including So You Want to be Sprinter, one of the leading works on the subject and a long-time best seller.

Once the track and field program at San Jose State University ruled not only America but the entire world. In a 30-year career at the school, Coach Winter was the architect of ‘‘Speed City,'' which produced 102 All-Americans, 49 NCAA records and the 1969 NCAA championship. Winter's athletes set 37 world records during the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games; Speed City won more medals than the Soviet Union's entire Olympic team.

The world-class juggernaut program brought worldwide attention to the university until 1988, when SJSU President Gail Fullerton, citing economics, pulled the plug and earned an enmity that still festers in local sports circles.

Say good-bye to any hopes of reviving a sport with great historical pride, and now say hello to a parking lot?

Looks like SJSU is going for "broke" with the football program, as it plans to turn the surrounding area around Spartan Stadium including Bud Winter Field's delapidated track into a parking lot for Spartan Stadium.

But Wait!

It has been learned that the community around the field held a pep rally that made the local San Jose News Channel, and they want to save the historical track!

Does the community want to save it for it's SJSU sports historical purposes, or do they just want to stop the commercialization of the surrounding neighborhood?

It looks as for now, Bud Winter Field will remain a weed infested, poorly mainted facility that the community will use for it's own purposes...

"Walking around in circles".

This is not the last that we will hear of this story, I predict.

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