SJSU Spartan Fan of the Month: Cajun Spartan!

Since we are in a lull regarding SJSU athletics, we thought we would try something different! Here is a first in a series of exclusive stories about those that make Spartan athletics "tick". Enjoy these stories about the fans of SJSU whom post on the message boards. You might be surprised where some of our loyal fans come from!

Cajun really isn't a cajun?

Nope, he's just a bicoastal boy who got hoodwinked into going over to Dixie!

Alex is an SJSU graduate in economics in 1994. But his passion for all things Spartan started before that.

He was ten years old.

The first glimpse at a Spartan game was the first California Bowl against Toledo. Alex still thinks to this day that Toledo's game winning kick was wide right!

From there, Alex was catching TV games whenever he could. And most importantly, he watched the Jack Elway show on Sundays.

Alex discovered he was a Spartan for life.

After a seven year haetus from the left coast, he came back and started school.

Alex's best moments in Spartan Stadium were the entire 1994 season celebrating 100 years. Things are so cool when one sees their favorite team in a skybox comp'd by your employer (the Merc).

The games were good too( despite the record). The best game out of that season was the blowout against the UNLV Rebels. According to Alex, UNLV deserved it for all the bad beats in hoops.

Throughout the post-grad years in California, Alex made at least two visits to Sparta including the Air Force game.

When Alex moved to Louisiana, the passion for Sparta did not die. In fact, for a while, Alex averaged at least one game in attendance including LSU, Nebraska, and LaTech.

When asked why Sparta, Alex responds in a fashion similar to many of the old players: We have always been looked over and discarded as underdogs. Let's give them what this underdog can do.

And that is Spartan to the core.

Alex recently had a son, and he plans to send him packing once he weens of the bottle for a quality education out west.

Can you guess what college he will send his off spring to?


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