SpartanThunder and Tailgate Party!

Have you ever been to a joint tailgate party before? Well, here's your chance to meet the fans of Eastern Washington at the first ever San Jose State football joint tailgate party hosted by! We welcome eagle fans and to spartan stadium on September 3rd at 3PM! Look for the banner on the east side of the stadium!

Do you know what time it is?

It is almost time for the home opener and season kick-off for your San Jose State Spartans!

This year the spartans begin the season at home, and square off against the Eastern Washington Eagles of the Big Sky Conference!

Now what better way is there to begin the football season than by participating in a good old fashioned tailgate party?

Well, how about a JOINT tailgate party!

Today, and the fan site of eastern washington eagle athletics ( formed an agreement to hold the first ever "joint" internet fan site tailgate party on September 3rd at 3PM!

Keenan Bowen of states that "The fans of Eastern Washington are very excited to make the short trip to San Jose, and we thank in advance for their hospitality!".

Both exisiting and new members of both and are invited to this first ever "cyber fan site" tailgate party!

Just look for the blue and gold spartan tents that will be located on the east side of the stadium. The tent with the banner hanging on it is where the joint tailgate will be held. There will also be an Eastern Washington Eagles "" banner hung just below the banner (since we are the home team!).

Look for more updates on this exciting tailgate party as the season draws near.

If you want to know exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and even seconds there are until the game on September 3rd, just go to any of the message boards on this site and look at the "countdown" ticker at the top of each page.

Thank you,

Your friendly staff.

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