Spartan Thunder T shirts now on sale!

Help Spartan athletics by making a small donation to the Spartan foundation via our T shirt sale! If you cannot afford to make a major donation to the Spartan foundation, then what better way to help out by sporting one of these ultra cool Spartan T shirts at the games and around town! Order yours TODAY!


Fans of San Jose State Athletics!

The much anticipated Spartan T shirts are now available!

Order today before the kick off versus Eastern Washington, and wear it to all the games as a sign of your support

To see both the front and back logos on the shirts, simply go to any of the Spartan Thunder message boards and click the "Spartan Thunder T shirt" link located at the top of each message board.

We have posted the back design in the picture above this story as well.

Cost per shirt will be $22 each, and with a substantial break on shipping if you order more than one shirt (which most of you likely will order more than one).

These are not your cheap "Jerseys" or "Champion" brand shirts, but the best on the market in Hanes "Beefy T" brand T shirts that are of ultimate quality on the market.

The front logo has the "" name in gold with a lightning bolt zapping thru the wording.

Beneath the logo is the famous spartan football slogan of the 1970-80's era's reading "Spartan Thunder Rolls Again!" in white beneath the gold wording.

This front logo will be in the upper right corner lapel of the shirt.

The back logo is as pictured above, and will cover most of the back portion of the shirt itself.

The shirt color is Spartan Royal Blue, as this is now the official color of Spartan athletics!

We offer the shirts in sizes XXXL, XXL, XL, L, M, and small for junior spartans!

We have set up an E commerce store for your purchasing convenience, or you may send us a personal check (must clear the bank before shipping).

The URL to the E commerce site is located at

This link is also available on all of the message board pages!

A major portion of all proceeds generated on this site will benefit student athletes at San Jose State University!

We thank you for your order in advance.

Spartan Thunder Rolls Again!!!

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