Spartan Band to perform at Santa Cruz Wharf Race!

You can pick up a free copy of the 32-page SJS Rat Line, an independent alumni magazine at the "System studies" building on the route at 14th avenue and east cliff drive. Dale Cooksey will be handing out copies to all Spartan fans and alumni. Meet Coach Tomey on Sunday morning, and have him autograph his page in the Rat Line!

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Fans of State,

According to recent discussions with Santa Cruz alumni Dale Cooksey, and also noted in the most recent Santa Cruz chapter of the SJSU alumni association's newsletter, Dick Tomey will be at the wharf to wharf race in Santa Cruz on July 24th between 8AM and 10AM!

Noted alumni, Phyllis and Bob Simpkins have invited the coach over for the race as well as seven other football coaches.

According to assistant athletic director, Mark Harlan, coach Dick Tomey will be in Hawaii the day before, so he will not be running in the actual race.

Athletic Director Tom Bowen, and assistant athletic director Mark Harlan, will also be in attendance along with Mascot Sammy Spartan!

The Spartan pep band will also be playing to the delight of all the runners in the race in front of the "Systems Studies" building located at 2-1340 east cliff drive!

That's the corner of 14th street and east cliff drive.

The meandering race route along scenic Monterey Bay plays no small part in the popularity of this run. You'll find new inspiration at every turn of the pristine coastline. Cool ocean breezes provide natural air conditioning. If you're coming from someplace hot, you're in for a treat!

Starting at the Santa Cruz Wharf at 8:30am, the race opens with a dash down Beach Street, passing the Ferris Wheel, roller coaster and merry-go-round of the world famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Runners then cross the San Lorenzo Bridge and loop around the Yacht Harbor to Twin Lakes Beach.

Turning inland the course winds through Schwann Lake Wildlife Sanctuary before breaking back to the ocean bluffs at Pleasure Point.

From there the way wanders through quaint seaside neighborhoods before dipping down to a festive finish at the Capitola Wharf.

For more info on the Santa Cruz wharf to wharf race, please visit their web site at


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