Assoc students form "Spartan Squad" cheer section!

The Spartan Squad formed by the Associated Students and San Jose State University Athletics will be the official athletic booster club of all SJSU sports! Students will sport gold T shirts as a sign of unity and will cheer SJSU to victory!

The Spartan squad is coming!

The Official Spartan Squad website will be linked through Associated Students as well as and the SJSU Athletics website.

It will contain detailed information about what the Spartan Squad is and how you (students) can be a part of the excitement!

What is it?

Spartan Squad was created by Business Management major Matthew Olivieri and Business Marketing major Brad Villeggiante.

It is being backed by Associated Students, San Jose State University Athletics, and as the official athletic student booster club of SJSU.

It is not just for Football or Basketball, but Water Polo, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, etc. etc. etc.

We will proudly support ANY sport that the men and women of SJSU participate in.

Finally, best of all...It's exclusively for students and 100% FREE.

Who can join Spartan Squad?

Only current undergraduate and graduate students at San Jose State University

Why join?

One (1) Free t-shirt, exclusive seating at various sporting events, give aways AND most importantly a memorable college experience!


Keep checking this site for more info soon, and drop by the official "Spartan Squad" message board right here on!

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