Spartan Stadium- San Jose State's Home Field Jewel

Quaint Spartan Stadium is nestled in San Jose, California, and located on the South Campus of San Jose State University itself. The Spartans made their debut at the stadium on October 7th, 1933 against San Francisco State.

Fans of Spartan Thunder,

We thought that with the current push by the athletics administation to "market" SJSU athletics, that we would help do our part as well.

Here is a little diddy on the home of the Spartan football team, known today at venerable Spartan Stadium.

Quaint Spartan Stadium is nestled in San Jose, California, and located on the South Campus of San Jose State University itself.

Home of the San Jose Spartans football program for more than seven decades, the stadium has remained the same over the years of the good, the bad, and the most recent ugly under former coach Fitz Hill and Athletic director Chick Bell.

Not much was done in regards to "eye catching" upgrades the last ten years, but there has been some electrical wiring and plumbing upgrades, as well as the installation of a new drainage system on the field that yielded quagmires of muck during the now defunct Silicon Valley football Classic.

The stadium is now under the management control of Spartan Shops, Inc. The Spartans currently do not attain control of parking fee's of concessions, which has not been helpfull to the bottom line in regards to profitability over the years.

Now onto the past history of the stadium.

A new stadium for the football program was needed for the Spartans in the 1930's; therefore a new facility was constructed.

The stadium was named after the team, and the Spartans made their debut at the stadium on October 7, 1933 against San Francisco State. The stadium changed very little over its first fifty years of existence.

In the 1980's the seating capacity was increased to over 30,000 to meet requirements for Division 1A status. The small upper deck was added in 1980. Five years later additional seating was added to the upper deck and in the endzones along with the addition of several luxury suites.

Since then the stadium has remained basically the same.

Its intimate atmosphere and tremendous sightlines make Spartan Stadium an ideal setting for all athletic events.

A long-awaited project to widen the field was completed in 1998, making the stadium suitable to host international events such as U.S. National Team games and the 1999 Women's World Cup.

Spartan Stadium was constructed in 1933 and was expanded twice in the 1980s. The upper deck was constructed in 1980, and the stadium was again renovated in 1985, when mezzanine-level private boxes and additional seats were installed in the upper deck and in the end zone stands.

The Spartan Stadium playing surface is natural grass.

In 1996, 31,728 fans jammed in the stadium to see the MLS All-Star Game. The Women's World Cup to a maximum-capacity ZZ Top concert is also scribed into the record book.

Spartan Stadium is accustomed to hosting large-scale events and has seen over 100 international competitions played out on its field.

As an established high-profile venue, Spartan Stadium is already equipped with all of the facilities necessary for future successful events.

Training rooms, media and official accommodations and spectator hospitality areas are now in place, and SJSU boasts the premier weight training facility on the west coast!

Most recently, bronze statues depicting both a Spartan man and woman adorn the entrance to the north end zone of Spartan Stadium.

Also, the Jeff Garcia hall of champions dedication ceremony took place, Thursday, September 2, 2004 at 10:00 a.m.

The dedication took place outside of the Koret Athletic Training Center located just north of Spartan Stadium.

There is now in place an interactive display which features great athletes, great teams, great events and moments in San Jose State Athletics history as well.

Former Spartan athletes that became famous after graduation, great donors, great coaches and administrators are also on display.

Also displayed in The Jeff Garcia Hall of Champions is the San Jose State Sports Hall of Fame which includes over 300 former players and coaches.

Drop on in and check out the hall of champions before any home game this year, as you will not be disappointed.

Well, that about wraps up this edition on historic Spartan Stadium located at 1393 South 7th Street(located on the corner of 7th & Alma, directly west of Spartan Stadium).

Single game tickets are now on sale.

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