San Jose State Post Game Quotes from Illinois

Coach Dick Tomey was quoted after the Illinois game as stating: "We got out-coached, we got out-played, we got out-toughed, and we got out-disciplined. We got out-done in every phase of the game. They dominated the line of scrimmage so much both ways that it's unfair to go and pick at the little things".


...On the game overall: "I give all the credit to Illinois and their coaching staff.

We got out-coached, we got out-played, we got out-toughed, and we got out-disciplined. We got out-done in every phase of the game. "They dominated the line of scrimmage so much both ways that I think it's unfair to go back pick at little things and say that was the turning point "I think they just really did a good job, and they've got football players up there.

They obviously were very motivated.

I think Coach Zook has the chance to have himself a heck of a football team." ...on Illinois' performance after last week: "I'm sure their coaches were in their faces all week because in many cases, Rutgers really took it to them all week, and they responded."

...On the Spartans' current state and potential: "I hope that we can come in tomorrow and learn from it.

I still feel like we have a chance to be a good football team, but we are very far from it right now. "We didn't make as many strides as we needed to. I knew that the physical part of the game was where we needed to make great strides and obviously we didn't do that. "I would say the patient has a pulse. The patient did not improve enough, but there is a pulse."


LB Bobby Godinez...

...On the Illini loss... "We had our opportunities, we came out and we just didn't execute either side of the ball. You want to go through a game without making mistakes and with capitalizing on turnovers. We just didn't execute and we got out played."

...On the response to the adjustments made by Illinois: "They made some adjustments, started reaching the second level and we didn't necessarily follow our responsibilities like we should have and they just capitalized off of our mistakes."

...On the Illini loss: "In football people are going to lose, that's how it goes and hopefully we're going to bounce back from this and play better in the future and learn from our mistakes."

...On the team starting quickly and then turning south: "Things change real quick in a football game, momentum shifts and we just never really captured it again."

QB Adam Tafralis...

...On learning from the loss: "It's not a step back at all. The best teams are usually the teams that have to be put in their place real quick and then they learn and they grow from there."

...On how difficult it was to run the ball Vs Illinois: "It was very tough. It's part of the game. We were hoping when they were pulling back and playing their cover two with a seven man front that we would be able to run on it, but it just didn't go our way. When they can stop the run its kind of hard to pass because they know they can still drop and stop the run."

RB Trestin George...

...On his 96-yard kick-off return for TD: "When you're down like that, you're just trying to do anything that you can to make something better, trying to fight to finish. My mentality that whole time was I going to get in the end zone."

...On keeping the pace of the game up: "We started off how we should have finished. We started off fast and finished slow. We should have started off fast and finished faster.

...On having a bye week before the next game at San Diego State: "We have a lot of time to prepare for San Diego State. We can see what we did wrong and improve. That's the thing that the coaches are trying to emphasize. Guys just have to keep getting better we have to give a lot more than what we've been giving."


QB Tim Brasic...

...On playing California, a ranked opponent, next weekend: "We're ready to go. We were looking at San Jose State like a Rutgers team. Rutgers is good, and a lot of people forget that. We're ready and we're prepared to go out there and compete."

Quotes provided by the U of I press office.

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