Soquel HS star, Pappas, inks SJSU as his #1 choice

Local Soquel high school star, Dean "Deano" Pappas, is only 16 years old, but at 6'1" and 230lbs, and with hard training and God's genetic plan, he hopes to contribute to the middleweight athletic roster of the San Jose State football team in the very near future.

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The local sportswriters on the central coast call him "bruising", "a freight train", and a "muscled-up" gridiron warrior.

Local Soquel high school star, Dean "Deano" Pappas, is only 16 years old, but at 6'1" and 230lbs, and with hard training and God's genetic plan, he hopes to contribute to the middleweight athletic roster of the SJSU football team in the very near future.

He can blow up the competition on the line, and he can he outrun the fleet footed offensive players at the skill positions.

Dean Pappas is one tough brick house that will LIGHT UP his opponents, and that is something that you can put your money on!

Pappas recently put San Jose State as his first choice for college on his SAT application last year. After his informal tour of the football facilities and the SJSU campus last week, his next visit will be to the SJSU Music program.

Deano is a big music buff!

Dean Pappas was quoted last week as stating "I am looking forward to the October 1st SJSU home game versus the Nevada wolfpack".

Deano never played football until high school, and he was strictly a basketball player until he reached his peak height of 6'1' at age 13.

(Maybe there is a dual role in the future for Deano at both the SJSU football and basketball programs?).

After the Soquel freshman jamboree a few years back, and even though he rambled for plenty of yards, he came up to his dad (Peter Pappas) and asked "dad what's the limit? How far am I allowed to run?"

Deano began training with weights at age 9. At 13 years of age he could bench 315 and although he no longer trains with heavy weights, he does bench 225lbs for 10 to 15 reps and squats 225lbs for over 30 reps. He's too tall and too young to have a superhuman bench max and squat max, and has been concentrating on his strength conditioning and stamina the last 2 years.

After two games this year, Deano leads Soquel high school in scoring and rushing on 27 attempts and has NEVER fumbled.

Deano averages 5.59 yards per carry. About once every three downs so far this year, the ball has been in his highly dependable hands.

When the Soquel high school Knights need ball control and first downs, it's really pretty simple to figure out whom they will go to!

Deano usually only plays defense in certain situations such as goal line defense, and made two key goal line stops in Soquel's first victory in 2005.

Deano is like an exploding wall when he hits opposing players, and caves in the side of the line on defense. He leaves bodies around like bowling pins after a big time play. On kickoffs he will send opponents airborne! On offense he nails players so hard, their heads hit the ground and he has been known to knock a few players silly with his awesome hits!

Deano's father (Peter Pappas) has seen Deano put two San Lorenzo Valley lineman and a fullback on their collective back sides in one single play.

Deano's father was quoted recently in an interview with as stating:

"I've seen him light up a player so bad he knocked him silly into his own man, whom knocked down the ball carrier and they weren't small". "He'll drag kids down the middle of the field, and on sweeps he'll crack their helmets so loud you have to hold your ears. It usually takes them a while to get up. I have never seen anyone who can light up Deano. Not yet".

Deano's main weapon is not his first step although it is improving. It is his second step that is pure hell and coaches and officials talk about his tremendous acceleration. He has quick coordinated feet, actually dancing feet, although he is not a receiver by any means. He can spin and knows where he is at all times.

Deano is a very gracious player, and does not talk smack, although he hears a lot of it. There are those who will take a cheap shot at him, yet he will simply just walk away. He has good temperament.

Besides the quick feet, here is another thing he has inherited from his mother. He isn't "reckless" on the gridiron, although he would rather run a guy over than score a touchdown.

Deano's strong point is that he wreaks havoc on defense and special teams!

Deano's mom is the same way in the local departments stores with her shopping cart during sales! Actually, Deano's mom is one of the sweetest ladies on the central coast, and would make a great SJSU fan along with Deano's father, Peter Pappas, (whom is quite the athletic specimen himself!).

We hope to see Dean "Deano" Pappas wearing the Blue and Gold in the near future!

(Love that T shirt your wearing in your picture, Deano!).

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