What is the SJSU Culture of Champions about?

San Jose State Athletic Director, Thomas Bowen, has agreed to participate in an on-line chat session with you the fans! This on-line chat will be held in the Cyber Spartan Chat Room, Wednesday, November 2nd at 8PM! See you there!

What is all this talk about building a "Culture of champions" you ask?

Find out by asking the SJSU Athletic Director directly yourself in this one of a kind event brought to you by SpartanThunder.com!

San Jose States Athletic Director, Thomas Bowen, has agreed to participate in an on-line chat session on SpartanThunder.com in yet another "FIRST TIME" event in the history of SJSU athletics!

This on-line chat will be held in the "Cyber Spartan Chat Room", Wednesday, November 2nd at 8PM!

We held a very successful web chat most recently with head football coach, Dick Tomey!

Men's hoop coach, George Nessman, is scheduled for Oct 19th at 8PM!, and Womens hoops coach, Janice Richard, has also agreed to a web chat on Wednesday, Oct 26th, at 8PM as well!

Drop in and ask AD, Tom Bowen, those questions that you have been pondering!

Questions to ask could include the following:

What are Tom's plans in regards to continuing his mantra of "building a culture of champions?".

What kind of unique fund raising activities are planned, will a parade return to santa clara street for homecoming, etc!

In this chat session, you all will get to meet and talk with AD Bowen on-line!

Tom Bowen is very excited to participate!

Feel free to check out the revamped web page located at www.sjsuspartans.com today, as it is being relaunched (another one of Tom's idea's!).


Hear what the athletics administration has in store in regards to their vision for the 2005-06 season and BEYOND!

In order to participate on the chat, just simply go to the "SPARTAN THUNDER" message board, and click on the "SPARTAN ATHLETICS FREE CHAT ROOM " message at the top of the message board.

The chat message is located at the top of the "SPARTAN THUNDER message board", or cut and paste this URL into your browser http://client0.sigmachat.com/sc.pl?id=104713

Once you click on the link, the room will automatically load, then simply enter your user "moniker" and start chatting!

Those with slower bandwidth connections such as Dial up or ISDN will see a delay in the page loading. Those with DSL lines or those using a corporate connection will have the most optimal speed available, and thus a better "user experience".

See you all in the chat room!

* Also look for chat sessions with other Spartan Athletics administration and coaches in the near future.

Dates have already been agreed upon, and we will post them on this site as the dates draw nearer.

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