SJSU BEATS IDAHO 26-18 WITH DEFENSIVE EFFORT! congratulates Coach Dick Tomey and his family, including the assistant coaches and personel for a hard fought 2005 season. A hearty congratulations also goes out to the Spartan senior class who helped set the stage for the revitalization of once nationally ranked SJS!

SAN JOSE, Calif. – The San Jose State football team wrapped up its inaugural Western Athletic Conference football season with a 26-18 win over the pesky Vandals of Idaho.

Vandal quarterback, Steven Wichman, threw interceptions on three of his first seven passes which led to their demise on a crisp cool day in San Jose.

"You cannot throw three interceptions in the first quarter and expect to be successful," Idaho coach Nick Holt said. "We started to generate something late in the game but it was too little too late."

SJSU's James Broussard caught two touchdown passes and Josh Powell had three interceptions to help San Jose State end coach Dick Tomey's first season on a positive note.

After breaking an eight-game losing streak last week against winless New Mexico State, the Spartans (3-8, 2-6) followed it up with another win, their first consecutive victories since 2002 and their first to end a season since 1997.

It was still Tomey's worst season as a head coach; he had never lost more than six games in a season in 24 years at Hawaii and Arizona. But the overwhelming feeling of positive mo-jo was still in the air after the final gun had sounded.

Broussard caught a 53-yard pass from fellow receiver Rufus Skillern after a reverse for San Jose State's first score and added a 17-yard reception from Adam Tafralis in the third quarter. Powell and the defense did much of the rest of the work against the Vandals.

Tafralis went 7 for 16 for 85 yards for the Spartans and Al Guidry ran for 65 more. Jared Strubeck added a pair of field goals.

The only sour note was that SJSU was able to score only once on three Vandal turn-overs.

This game is dedicated to the SJSU seniors who fought thru thick and mostly thin in regards to the rebuilding of the SJSU football program.

The seniors who played and we honer here at are as follows:

Trestin George, Justin James, Kinji Green Buick Tuua, Anthony Flores, Bobby Godinez, Ezekiel Staples, Eric Wilson, Clarence Cunningham, Brian Nunez, Josh Powell, Damaja Jones, Mark Manning, John Toensfeldt, Amadeo Novella, Lamar Ferguson, Bryan Watje, Rufus Skillern, and John Broussard.

"It speaks volumes of what the guys have done up front," commented Tomey about the production from the running game. "We just need to keep that toughness and that physical nature of the running backs. Probably as much as anything, we didn't have a fumble. That's a great job by everybody involved handling the football.

The Spartans conclude the 2005 season, under head coach Dick Tomey, with a final record of 3-8 overall and 2-6 in the Western Athletic Conference.

The Spartans flexed some revenge on WAC new comer in Idaho, as the last time SJSU played the Vandals in San Jose the Vandals jumped up and down on the SJSU logo on center field. They then went on to beat the Spartans as well.

Revenge is oh so sweet!

The season-ending two-game win streak for San Jose State is its first since 2002. San Jose State's final home record of 3-2 for 2005 is the first winning home streak since the 2000 campaign.

"This is an amazing group of young people," concluded Tomey. "They will win a lot of football games down the road, but the fact that we won these two in a row at the end, it feels so good for all of us.

Thank you also goes out to Coach Dick Tomey and his family, including the assistant coaches and personel for a hard fought season.

Congrats to Athletic Director, Tom Bowen, Assistant AD, Mark Harlan, and their staff for starting a successful rebuilding of once nationally ranked Sparta.

And to the players mentioned just above, we THANK YOU for sticking with the program through the up's and down's over the now past season.

We look forward to honoring you all when SJSU wins the WAC title in the coming years at a home game on the fifty yard line.

To the SJSU football seniors, we pledge this song to thee!

Fight on for dear old San Jose State; Fight on for victory! We are with you in every way. No matter what the price may be! Onward for Sparta noble and true, Fight hard in everything you do! And so we'll Fight! (RAH!) Win! (RAH!) March onward down the field and we will win the day! S...J...S...U...S..J..S..U..SJSU...SAN JOSE STATE!

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