Past San Jose Sports Hall of Fame Inductees.

Current SJSU judo coach, Hoshihiro Uchida, past SJSU boxing coach Julius Menendez, and "Speed City" SJSU track and field coach, Bud Winter, are just some of the "Spartan Legends" we will cover in this story about past SJSU inductess into the San Jose sports Hall of Fame!

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SAN JOSE, CA....The San Jose Sports Hall of Fame inducted one SJSU coach in 1995, and two other SJSU legendary coaches in 1996.

Many other SJSU coaches and athletes were inducted as well since the inception of the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame.

Current SJSU judo coach, Hoshihiro Uchida, past SJSU boxing coach Julius Menendez, "Speed City" SJSU track and field coach, Bud Winter, and SJSU golfing legend, Ken Venturi, are just some of the "Spartan Legends" we will cover in this story.

The staff at honors those mentioned above with some brief stories on their glorifull backgrounds.

By the way, the 2005 San Jose sports HOF inductions are set for Friday, February 10th, 2006 at the Hyatt Hotel in San Jose.

This year's ceremony is titled "With Their Sacrifices, Our History," will begin at 6:30pm with a "VIP Reception with the Stars" followed by dinner and ceremony at 7:30pm.

Limited tickets are $75.00 per person and $100.00 includes the VIP Reception and Dinner. The Hyatt San Jose is located at 1740 First Street in San Jose.

Here is a brief snippet of past SJSU hall of fame inductees.

SJSU boxing coach is "Historic"...

SJSU boxing coach, Julius Menendez, became the boxing coach of his alma mater, and in 1960 landed the job as an Olympics coach working with the young light heavyweight, Cassius Clay, AKA the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Menendez coached two Olympic teams in two different sports in both boxing and soccer.

As a legendary coach at San Jose State University, his boxing teams won 15 NCAA titles and produced 23 soccer All-Americans.

SJSU Judo coach a "Spartan Legend"...

SJSU Judo Coach Uchida started coaching the Spartan team in 1946.

Uchida was a student at SJSU before the start of World War II, and he would later establish a full-fledged sport campaign at SJSU during the late 1940s.

Uchida's degree from San Jose State is in biological science.

Uchida also made SJSU teams synonymous with judo dominance for the past 45 years.

In 1964, he coached the first U.S. Olympic judo team at the Games held in Tokyo.

Uchida has been instrumental in building out the heart of San Jose's Japantown.

He founded the Japanese-American Chamber of Commerce and is on its board. And his company, Uchida Enterprises, has developed a block-long residential/retail complex at Jackson and Sixth streets in Japantown.

Uchida remains the Spartan coach after 65 years.

Both Coaches were inducted into the San Jose Sports hall of fame in 1996.

Bud Winter- The "Premier" Track & Field Coach...

In a 30-year career at San Jose State University, he created "Speed City" in San Jose. He coached 102 All- Americans to 49 NCAA records and the 1969 NCAA championship.

His athletes from SJSU set 37 world records.

During the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, Speed City athletes won more medals than the entire Soviet Union's Olympic team.

As an SJSU legend, Winter was inducted in 1995 into the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame.

Ken Venturi- SJSU Golf "Master"....

The former San Jose State golfer from San Francisco in the 1964 U.S. Open put together a 66-70 on the 36-hole final day to win the Open in one of the greatest finishes in tournament history, and garner him the title of PGA Player of the Year!

Carpal tunnel syndrome forced Venturi off the tour in 1967 with 14 career victories. So he began a 35-year career as CBS Sports' lead golf analyst.

As a kid, Venturi played round after round at San Francisco's Lincoln and Harding Park public courses.

Venturi played serious golf from the age of 9 and won the first of his three San Francisco city championships at age 17.

In 1951 he won the first of his two California State Amateur titles.

The PGA of America honored Venturi in 1999 with a Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award for his work with CBS. In 2000, Venturi served as captain of the U.S. President's Cup Team that went onto a glorious victory.

Venturi was inducted into the HOF in 2005.

Other illustrious San Jose State inductees include the following: John Ralston inducted in 2001, Jack Elway in 2000, Patty Sheehan in 1999, Bill Walsh in 1998 (Also attained the SJSU Tower Award -the highest award given by SJSU), and Tommie Smith in 1997 (Statue erected of him and team mate John Carlos this past year on campus).

The 2006 San Jose Sports HOF ceremony is sponsored in part by the Hyatt San Jose, Ethiopian Airlines, Outback Steakhouse, and JetBlue Airways.

Tickets are pricey ($100 each), but if you have any love for sports in the greater San Jose bay area, we know you'll have a good time.

For tickets, you can call the San Jose Sports Authority at 408-288-2930 or e-mail

What Spartan legend will be inducted in 2006?

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