PJ Pulls a Fast One on Fresno State!

Coach Phil Johnson persuades top basketball recruit to sign with SJSU, and leaves Fresno State scratching it's head. Lack of Scholarships?

SJSU Hoop Fans!

Coach Phil Johnson made his first signing yesterday when he stole Top 100 recruit 6'4" wing man Anotonio Lawrence of San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno, CA from cross state rival, Fresno State!

Rumor has it that Fresno State had no scholarships left available, but we all know the real story as Spartan fans! PJ lured Lawrence away from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, and convinced him that the Event Center is home. That's our side of the story anyway :)

Lawrence played his first three years of high school ball in Florida, averaged 27+ points a game as a senior. Antonio's decision to sign on with up and coming San Jose State is really stirring some controversey with the Fresno State fans. (URL at end of this story)

Coming from Florida, it is every boy's dream to play football. But not for Antonio Lawrence, because his mother wouldn't let him play football in his younger days. Instead, she told him he should play basketball.

Perhaps she knew Lawrence had the skills to excel in hoops or maybe she was just afraid her son would get hurt. No matter the reason, Lawrence is one of the top prospects in the country, and has landed at SJSU.

A super athlete, Lawrence is the human highlight film. He can get an entire gym standing on their feet after one of his high-flying dunks.

And his shooting? Well, that's why he earned the nickname, "ATM," because his shot is money.

This season, Lawrence averaged 25 points, seven rebounds, 10 assists, five steals and three blocks per game. He is a 75 percent free throw shooter.

He has received numerous All-Tournament honors and has won countless Slam Dunk contests. In 2001, Lawrence was voted co-MVP at the prestigious Adidas ABCD Camp.

Lawrence likes to spend his free time at the movies, and shopping.

Hey Antonio! Check out Valley Fair Mall at the end of San Carlos Street! The best shopping in the Bay Area is at your finger tips.

For even more fun, wander over to the Fresno State board and see the comments the dawg fans are making reagrding losing this kid to SJSU.

A direct link to the Fresno State board is on the front page of this site.

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