San Jose State Football 2007 Prospect Videos!

The following video clips are prospects interested in your San Jose State Spartans: 6-3 206 lb, WR Alex Lagemann (Saratoga HS) 6-1 215 lb, QB Curtis Wilson (Verbum Dei HS) 6-4 235 lb, DE Justin Edison (Verbum Dei HS) 5-10 210 lb, RB and S Sean Merritt (Verbum Dei HS).

Spartan backers!

Here is a list of some of head coach, Dick Tomeys, prospects for the 2007 squad!

Simply click the links below to access the recruits bio, and simply click on the video feed links in the media center section to view these outstanding prospects.


Wide Reciever prospect Alex Lagemann

QB prospect Curtis Wilson

Defensive End prospect Justin Edison

Running back and Safety prospect Sean Merritt

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