San Jose St Logo Debuts for Football in 2006.

San Jose State welcomed aboard it's new athletic director, Tom Bowen, with open arms. Change has swirled within the athletics administration in a very short period of time, and one of those changes includes the unvieling of SJSU athletics' new logo. The logo has been welcomed by some, but some alumni are reluctant to change. Read more by clicking on the headline or picture above.

When SJSU hired Tom Bowen as San Jose State University's Director of Athletics, he was welcomed with open arms.

Tom Bowen has earned the trust and respect of the loyal Spartan backers in a very short period of time, as many alumni and fan's have taken to heart his speeches of dedication to rebuilding SJSU as a leader in division 1A sports.

Bowens has officially dropped the old logo of the athletics department and has replaced it with a logo that better represents San Jose State University as a "fighter".

You can see this logo in many places already, as it is becoming more readily available in places like the Spartan bookstore on campus, and in local sporting goods stores around the south bay.

We here at have learned that athletic apparel with the new logo wll soon be "widely" available thru some major merchants in the south bay. We cannot however state the actual merchants as of just yet due to our confidentiality understanding with the administration. But keep your eyes peeled in stores around the south bay for the release of this gear!

Many fans and alumni have a concern, this in regards to our old trademark (solo spartan head) that is known through out California and the Western United States, that is being replaced with the new logo as pictured in this story.

Thunder message board loyalist (SierraSpartan), had this to say about the new logo:

"The logo reflects a bit of lack of historical knowledge, if the depiction truly is a warrior in a canoe or boat. Historically, the Spartans were primarily land warriors in the Pelopenessian Wars. It was the Athenians who had mastered the sea. That pick-nit aside, the old Spartan helmet silhouette was way cool, and very distinctive on the helmet. This new thing will just get lost in the clutter. If you are looking to establish an identity, this new logo is a very bad idea".

However, there are always two sides to every story.

Another loyal message board users (mjb72spartan) had this to say about the change of the old historic logo to the new version:

"How many other colleges and universities have a helmet logo on their football helmets?

Start counting...

So the A.D. chose something different. I for one am glad that SJSU still has a football team and that the whole Athletic program has been turning in a positive direction.

Lastly, the full logo reminds me of the Spartan statue at the Stadium with the male and female Spartans ready for battle".

Site administrator (SJgregg), had this to say about the switch to the new version of the school logo:

"I like the fact that President Don Kassing and AD Tom Bowen are getting the name "San Jose State" out there for all to see. I also like the fact that they are marketing the changes and new attitude of the current administration.

The new logo will become the symbol of our renewed success".

We here at are in full support of the administrations change of the old logo to the new version.

The site owner of, Anthony Rocca, had some recent conversation with assistant athletic director, Mark Harlan, and he told Harlan that the move to the new logo was a positive one. With SJSU now under a complete "make over" from everything to sprucing up Spartan Stadium (look for announcements soon), to new marketing and messaging (it's new day in San Jose) the future indeed looks bright for San Jose State Athletics.

We urge those of you who have taken the time to read this article to come on over to the football message board and vote in our poll about your approval, disapproval, or uncertainty about the release of the new SJSU athletics logo.

Return to glory!

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