San Jose State Season Tickets Now on Sale!

With former Arizona and Hawaii coach, Dick Tomey, leading the team, the outlook is brighter than it has been the last decade. An available ticket to a Spartan home football game will soon be as rare as a deed to property in the bay area!

The Time is Now To Buy San Jose State Season Tickets!

Are Spartan football season tickets going to be as valuable as owning a home in the Silicon Valley?

San Jose State season football ticket sales are going quite well as the 2006 campaign approaches.

With former Arizona and Hawaii coach, Dick Tomey, leading the team, the outlook is brighter than it has been the last decade. An available ticket to a Spartan home football game will soon be as rare as a deed to property in the bay area!

Home ownership is something strongly desired in the bay area, but for one reason or another it just does not happen for all of us.

Having season tickets to the beginning of something special, however, is something that can be attained!

Then how appropriate is it that the Spartan ticket office is offering a great deal on season tickets to the 2006 campaign for Spartan football?

As in building and owning a house in the bay area, there will be a sequence of how work will be done. First the house's foundation will be strengthened, and this was done with the hiring of head coach, Dick Tomey.

With the 2006 campaign to begin at home versus Stanford, the roof will be repaired, then the second floor of the house will be demolished when Cal Poly comes to town, and then the utilities will be powered up throughout the house.

Can you say "amenities" for Spartan stadium?

This process has been in motion for a few years now under the brain child of Athletic director, Tom Bowen, and his trusty Senior Associate Athletics Director, Mark Harlan.

In the 21st century, the same can be said for San Jose State football tickets!

The average attendance at San Jose State has slacked in recent years, dropping from attendance numbers between 18,000 to 30,000 in the various years averaged between 1987 to 1990 to an average game day figure of 15,000 attained just last year.

That's more than over a 50 percent decrease in yearly attendance figures when comparing the 1980's time period to the presnt attendance figures (estimated)!

But with games slated to include one of the best home schedules in the past decade, ticket sales are ramping quickly.

Head Coach, Dick Tomey, has Spartan fans excited about the prospects of San Jose State football. With two months to go, season ticket sales are ahead of last year. That translates to an aura of new found excitement here in Sparta!

Seats are allocated to San Jose State students (known to us all as the Spartan Squad) and are free to those enrolled full-time. Another chunk are always reserved for the visiting team.

With just 32,000 seats available in Spartan Stadium for the general public, that means precious seats are still available. Even if there is not a "season ticket sellout", there will not be many decent seats left to sell for individual games. That is because season ticket holders have first priority to purchase tickets in addition to their season tickets.

Word is they are doing that right now! Seats remain for the Boise State and Fresno State games, and the other four home dates (Stanford, Utah State, Cal Poly SLO and San Diego State) are not far behind.

If you want to bring your entire family, then check ou seats in the Family Fun Zone!

Seats are $180 per family/ $50 per additional youth (12 years or younger).

This package is for two adults and two youth, additional youth tickets available, for all home games except the Stanford game. Enjoy each game in the Family Fun Zone, a great experience for all ages, located in the North End Zone.

Exclusive special events and promotions are scheduled, including visits from Sammy the Spartan.

The moral to this story is that if you want to see the top teams in the WAC play football this year, you'd best take the plunge and order your season tickets.

If you do so right away, you can order those extra tickets on sale now and get your small piece of real estate in Spartan stadium at gold rush prices!

The good seats are going fast, and when they are gone, they're gone.

Call the San Jose State Athletic Ticket Office at 1-877-SJSUTX (757-8849) and they'll set you up as a season ticket holder of San Jose State season football tickets!

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