Tomey to Speak at Santa Cruz Rotary Luncheon!

Come on over the hill and enjoy a day of fine weather, food, and fellowship as SJSU's head football coach, Dick Tomey, gives a noon time luncheon presentation. Presented by the Santa Cruz Rotary club at 150 Jewell street in Santa Cruz on July 28th, 2006.

Fans of Spartan Football!

SJSU's head football coach, Dick Tomey, has agreed to participate in a noon time luncheon to address the Santa Cruz chapter of Rotary International.

Dick Tomey will speak at 12:15 PM, Friday, July 28th at the Elks Lodge located at 150 Jewell street in Santa Cruz.

Drop in and ask the coach those questions that you have been pondering all summer about the 2006 Spartan Football team!

Hear what Tomey has in store in regards to his vision for the 2006 season.

About the Santa Cruz Rotary Club:

The Santa Cruz Club is still well known for its fun and fellowship.

This characteristic seems to be rooted in the very beginnings of the club. In the 1920's the club was a place where one could always hear a song or two sung at the lunch meeting, generally accompanied with a well-meaning prank.

At a 1929 dinner, to poke fun at the officer who installed the club several years earlier and who had a penchant for wearing bright colors, all the club members rushed to Morris Abrams clothiers and purchased the loudest, widest ties possible.

The incident garnered a lengthy a lengthy front page story in the Sentinel the next day. A pattern of fun, fellowship and service had been set.

Rotary was on its way to becoming an intricate part of the fabric of Santa cruz life.

Throughout its history, the Santa Cruz Rotary Club has attracted some of the city's most important and influential business people and civic leaders.

As the club celebrates its 75th Anniversary, this continues to be the case.

The Santa Cruz Rotary club holds weekly noon gatherings at the Santa Cruz Elks Lodge on 150 Jewell Street in Santa Cruz.

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