Cal Poly Vs San Jose State Pre Game Report

This week, the Spartans take a breather before hosting the Cal Poly Mustangs on September 23rd for a 3PM kick-off. The Mustangs look to be stronger physically than both Washington and Stanford. Tomey has a plan to keep the Spartans on the winning track, and looks to take SJS to a 2-1 record before heading into the game against the MWC's San Diego State.

The task now for San Jose State coach Dick Tomey is grounding his players from the high of defeating Stanford 35-34 at Spartan Stadium on September 9th.

It was without debate the program's most important win since 2000, and it has the Spartans at 1-1 with a favorable schedule in the weeks to come. SJSU doesn't play again on the road until October 21st.

This week, the Spartans take a breather before hosting Cal Poly on September 23rd.

"The bye week can be a good thing," Tomey said. "We need to get ourselves grounded again. Our task now is to see how we handle winning. We must continue to get better this week, and each day in practice. We received a lot of phone calls and congratulations from fans and former players after Saturday, and that's nice to see.

"It's good to see our young men's hard work pay off. But there's only so many pats on the back you can take as a football player. We all know we have to get back to work. This is not the end of anything, this is just the beginning."

Tomey also isn't about to allow his team to overlook Division I-AA Cal Poly.

Our strength coach worked at Cal Poly, and all of our players know how capable and hard-working he is," Tomey said. "We know the commitment they are going to make to our game, and we are going to have to be ready.

"They play harder than anyone we'll probably see all season long. They'll be a stronger team physically than Washington or Stanford."

SCOUTING THE OFFENSE: The Spartans' offense has been impressive against a pair of Pac-10 opponents and there's no reason to believe that will change as WAC play begins. The No. 1 question will be the quarterback situation, as coach Dick Tomey seems determined to start junior college transfer Sean Flynn once he's healthy despite the stellar play of senior Adam Tafralis the past two weeks.

SCOUTING THE DEFENSE: Not allowing a point to Stanford in the second half was simply stunning. It's likely not going to spark a trend, but the defense seems capable of holding teams and giving the offense the chance to score.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "We are coming off a great weekend in Spartan Stadium. I can't say enough about the tremendous crowd we had. The enthusiasm by everyone in the stadium, and the performance of our team is something that pleases a coach. I was so grateful to our crowd, our student body and the Spartan Squad for the lift they gave us. The adversity we faced, and the way we overcame it in the second half against Stanford is something to really build on. Everyone kept believing, and now we must continue to get better. --San Jose State coach Dick Tomey on the crowd of nearly 30,000 at Spartan Stadium at the 35-34 victory over Stanford

THIS WEEK'S GAME: After its thrilling 35-34 victory over Stanford on September 9th, San Jose State takes this week off before hosting Cal Poly and San Diego State on September 23rd and 30th.

The Spartans are 1-1 on the season.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Only one this week. "David Sullivan is a 24-year old, walk-on defensive back for us," coach Dick Tomey said. "He served two tours of duty in Iraq, and being this is the five-year anniversary of 9/11, I'd like to commend his work and effort on our football team.

"He came to us in fall practice during two-a-days and really put things in perspective for our entire football family. He talked to our guys about not confusing themselves by thinking football and two-a-days are so tough. The demands of being a student-athlete, both emotionally and physically, are really a privilege.

"Where he has been is a life-and-death proposition every day. He never knew when he was going to encounter a life-threatening situation. It's been a blessing having him on our team, being someone that has gone through that kind of traumatic experience. He has worked hard, and has taught us all a lesson on toughness and sacrifice."

ROSTER REPORT: Junior -college transfer QB Sean Flynn was impressive during spring and fall practices. Despite missing most of the past three weeks with a groin injury, Spartans coach Dick Tomey still seems convinced that Flynn is the best option under center. That's stunning considering senior Adam Tafralis has completed 82.4 percent of his 51 pass attempts for 433 yards and four touchdowns. His passing efficiency rating is 175.3, and he's even rushed for a score.

"Adam has done a great job for us these first two games," Tomey said. "We also need to see Sean play because he has done some great things in practice, and we need to get him more game experience. You need two quarterbacks to have a good team, and we feel we have that here at the position. Adam deserves a lot of credit for our success so far, and we just want him to keep it going.

"We feel both are outstanding, and we are going to continue to play both of them. Game situations will dictate that."

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