Spartan Squad Kicks Off in 2006!

The Spartan Squad proved to be a major influence in the Stanford game, and helped lead the Spartans to victory. That was the most exciting game SJS students had ever seen the last decade. The Squad passed out shirts before the game, and then rushed the field with a victory celebration!

This being my first year on Spartan Squad, I was excited for what looks to be a very promising year as a member.

We wasted no time getting things started and kicked off the 2006-2007 year officially at the fall sports kickoff event at the end of August. It was the first opportunity for new students to get an idea of what Spartan Squad is all about, and for returning students to get excited for the year ahead. They could pick up their shirts and of course eat some free ice cream.

The event went really well, and we had a substantial amount of students and support there.

We dove right into the fall sports season with Women's Volleyball. The home opener against UC Davis was very successful. Not only did we take the first three games to win, but also we had a lot of student support to keep those girls motivated.

Then came the much anticipated football home opener. With all the advertising done and Spartan Squad support, the campus was ready to host Stanford. That game was packed with students sporting their Squad shirts proudly. We proved to be a major influence in the game to keep fans pumped and help lead our Spartans to victory.

That was the most exciting game I have ever seen, from passing out shirts before the game with the Squad to winning and rushing the field.

Although this week we had a bye week, we are confident that fans and students are still geared up from the Stanford win. This will bring another crowd to the Cal Poly game this coming Saturday, which should be a good game.

Since the Stanford game we have been just as busy. We have made our presence known at more Volleyball and Men and Women's soccer games.

Of course who could forget our big break television. CBS 5 News wanted to do an interview with one of our Squad leads, Mark Powell, and let viewers know what we were all about.

We did our usual game day chants and sang the SJSU fight song several times while the interview took place. This was a huge boost for Spartan Squad and San Jose State University, and if you have not seen it check that out on the CBS 5 web page

While it's been a busy last few weeks for the Spartan Squad, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Things are just getting underway for the Squad, and it is exciting to be front and center for a great year.

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