Next Game: San Jose State Vs Washington Huskies

The area that all Spartan fans should take notice in this saturdays game with the Washington Huskies, is the amount of youth they possess.

The area that all Spartan fans should take notice in this saturdays game with the Washington Huskies, is the amount of youth they possess.

Washington will start four sophomores on the offensive line, with four freshman backups. And that may spell "trouble" for the Spartan defense.

The Spartans march into Husky stadium this saturday, and will be be walking into a rauckaus fan frenzy of upset dawg fans, having lost a heart breaker to #9 Michigan in Anne Arbour last saturday.

Perhaps, this will be the best team that the Spartans will see all year!

The Huskies potentially has the most dangerous offense the PAC 10 has seen in decades, and SJSU quarter back, Scott Rislov, had better of shaken out the cob webs that were seen in the season opener at Arkansas State.

The U of W defense is much better than it was last year, and look for the mad as hell Huskies to try and cram it down the throats of the Spartans smaller offensive line with their big backs and dominating line.

The Spartans are going to have their hands full with this nationally ranked team out of the Pac 10.

Washington will start just five seniors on both sides. Only 40-percent of the Husky two-deeps are upperclassmen, while San Jose States team contains a mix of returning seniors and juniors, as well as numerous walk on freshman.

The addition of these freshmen to this years Spartan squad is "inspiring" for the future, but look for this game to be a serious "learning experience" for the boys in blue.

This game will be the first real "Big Time" program that the Spartans have lined up against this year, as obviously Arkansas State turned out to be a bunch of patsies.

It's probably not worth much talking about, but I think there is a tremendous game-day advantage for Washington - especially at home.

The Husky youth is something to behold, but will the mix of upper and lower classmen on the Spartan squad be enough to level the playing field this saturday?

After Washington lost that heart breaker to Michigan, by making a stupid mental error of having too many men on the field, that put the Michigan field goal kicker smack dab in front of the goal post for the game winnning kick, I think Washington will want to demoralize the Spartans.

But, they won't get that chance, as Fitz Hill will have the Spartans ready to make this a competitive game.

However, the boys from Washington are going to more than likely win this game (Un-to the wishes of the Spartan faithfull who would like to see the Boys in Blue go 2-0 to start the season).

The huskies will win it by no more than two TD's, which is our over zealous Spartan prediction!

Washington- 43 SJSU- 29

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