Tomey Announces 07 Signing Class on Campus.

Head SJS coach, Dick Tomey, greeted boosters, fans, and the media, and talked about what he described as one of the most hard hitting recruiting classes ever! Coach signed 18 players to the 2007 SJS football recruiting class, and he announced the additions of the likes of Fred Koloto (Palo Alto HS DT), and Jeff Schweiger (USC Transfer DE). Stanford transfer, David Marerro is anticipated to enroll.

(Here are the notes from last nights signing party at the SJSU events center).

The important thing that Tomey made very clear, was the returning players are "the program" and the ones who will lead us next season.

That they are established players who are known quantities by the coaching staff. That every current player is being challenged to improve from last season.

That we will dearly miss the outgoing seniors but that we already have good talent, good students, and hard workers already in the program.

He also said that AT is the man at QB unless someone else can take him down. He said it is very hard to do that in practice and that AT had an outstanding year this past season. AT is the man. He said if we were playing tommorrow that AT would start, no question.

A few things that I remember from the clips-

David Richmond reminded me of James Jones, who reminds me of TO without all the attitude. Enough said. A big/strong/athletic reciever who goes up and fights for the ball and makes plays. Has not played alot of football but DT said he was the one player SJSU recruited that had the most offers and options to play elsewhere. DT said he is a quality person also. Sounds like SJSU landed a "big fish."

Kyle Flynn looks very fast and is another big/strong reciever. He is a bigtime playmaker who averaged 17 yards a catch in JC. He is going to be a star at SJSU, I just have a feeling. Made me wonder how great an athlete his brother Sean must be. DT said he is living in San Jose with his brother right now but would start school next fall.

Fred Koloto was a highly sought after HS lineman and a very good catch for SJSU per DT. Probably the most sought after HS player that we picked up.

Said he comes from a terrific family and wanted to play local. Said he would start all the HS lineman out on offense, see how they perform, and than possibly move some to defense.

Isaac Leatiota looks like a complete monster and DT said they recruited him last year when he decided to sign with Cal and that he was really excited to have him at SJSU now. He is currently in school and will have 4 to play 4 starting next fall. DT was really excited about this player.

Joe Bates was recruited by DT two years ago but went the JC route(probably grades). DT said he is happy to have him on board now and that he makes plays. DT said he likes his safetys to have cornerback ability and that Bates fits that kind of athleticism.

Josh Harrison is a stud. The guy looked like the fastest guy we recruited. He just ran away from everybody on the film. DT said he is a 10.5-10.6 guy and one of the best long jumpers in the nation at the HS level. DT said he will compete as a kick returner right away. Decommited from Utah to come to SJSU. We landed another big catch in this player.

Brandon Rutley was the only RB that SJSU picked up. DT said he was only interested in a RB(because we are deep at the position) if the guy was a total stud which he seemed to be as he averaged over 10 yards a carry for two straight years in a good HS program. Llooked like he played the game faster than everyone else on the field.

Duke Ihenacho is relatively new to football just as his brother. DT said he was a good student and just flat out hits hard. I think the coaching staff is looking forward to unlocking his potential. He can be a real good one.

DT said Alex Germany was the best HS CB on the board that SJSU could sign. He seemed very happy to have him comming to SJSU. The kid was all world down in the SoCal desert.

Jeff Schweiger, enough said. We all know his ability but DT said he was an awesome team guy. That he is really excited to be at SJSU and that he is already one of the hardest workers even though he can not play until 2008. He is at SJSU and currently taking classes.

Mike Avila looked like a very shifty runner with good speed who just makes guys miss. DT said he will compete as a kick returning right away. DT said he was one of the most dynamic guys in the CCS and the son of a football coach. Enough said.

Jonathan Harris looked like another safety who makes plays. DT said he was very physical, or as DT puts it, "hits with violence." He looked like the DT type of player that "knows" the game of football.

Steve Lightsy and Moa Ngatuvai are two big guys who had alot of "pancakes" on the videos. DT likes them both and said we are doing a good job of building depth at these line positions.

DT said that Andres Vargas was the one HS player that they "knew" the best. He was at the SJSU football camps and they have watched him compete and followed his progress closely. They were obviously happy that he signed with SJSU.

Kyler O'Neal looked very fast and polished for a HS player. DT said he comes from a good program at Mac and that he has good bloodlines. His older bro is also a player at CCSF who just signed with Tennessee.

Davell Brumfield looked like another DT type player. He was a strong tackler and will play LB/RB for the Spartans. One of those DT type of players who would be good at multiple positions.

Last but not least, Terrance Williams sounded very intrigueing. I dont think they had tape on him. Sounded like a very good player who happened to fall into the Spartan lap due to injury at CCSF last season.. DT said the sky was the limit for him if he can get healthy.

DT also said he thought this was a very good class as far as filling needs with outstanding talent. He also said he thinks the breakout season in 2006 will pay more divedends in next years recruiting process as many kids are already leaning towards commitments as HS juniors.

In other words, recruiting should comntinue to improve.

DT said the WAC will be better than ever next seaon and that the Spartans have established themselves as a competitive program and WAC contender.

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