Spartan QB Club Update

Here is a "third party" point of view from the last Quarter Back Club meeting held last week. Complete update on this years football marketing, and even some Spartan Hoops info is revealed!

(This is a letter sent in to Joe Griego from a current QB Club Member).

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Hello All,

The kickoff QBC dinner at the Three Flames last night was a good start for Joe Griego as new QBC president, and a real jump start for the season.

Things are starting to happen to hopefully make this year a very special one in SJSU football history.

Joe's going to make a great QBC president.

Chris Taylor gave a real good in depth overview of his Tager group marketing activities which is separate but supportive of the athletic department's game events being planned.

Chris indicated that Fitz and the team will have one or more on campus Jams with all students invited. They will have music, danciing and other activities and speakers geared to getting the student thinking about going to SJSU football games like they use to.

One thought that came up last night was to have the various talents on the team entertain the students as well (some real characters on this team like Chip Kimmich ["DE] who did a comic karioke routine for us).

The goal by next year is to have campus jams before every game (like on Thursdays) and bring back the old tradition like we use to have when we had the bonfires and campus parties before home and area games.

Eventually that should lead to a much bigger homecoming event as well. So far Chris recounted a number of marketing promotional events that have already happened and will be built for year round promotional activities for football program.

This is Fitz's vision.

Another thing being discussed is a big Louisiana Cajun Jam Fest before (an maybe during) the L.A. Tech game. Remember that the Marte Gras party in downtown S.J. had over 50,000 people come last year. Chuck Bell indicated to me that they are planning a very big Hispanic/mexican type festival party for the UTEP game in conjunction with the GI forum.

Just think if Neil Parry can play during that game and the news starts getting out.

Chuck Bell said that the university was inundated with messages and media inquiries and support for Neil against the NCAA and Mutual of Omaha which helped reverse their decisions. These inquiries came from all over the world and from some of the largest publications.

I heard that disabilities lawyers and organizations were going to volunteer services to form a major lawsuit. A prosthetics company was going to volunteer help for Neil if he played in spite of the insurance problem. Bell said that Neil still must pass the medical release and be able to compete for the position.

I think this story is so big that few realize the impact that it can and should have to put SJSU back on the map. This story is being carried by most major media now. Contrast Neil's story with the sorry story of the pending strike fo the professional baseball players. Even KRON did a special last night on the San Jose Giants as a much better cost effective family venue and place to watch the pure sport without all the greed.

Same could apply to SJSU football.

This story alone will make the country forget the rest of the WAC (media wise) if it plays out as it looks to be happening. A movie will surely be made about Neil.

If you like the "Notre Dame Rudy Story" you'll love the "San Jose State Neil Parry Story". Talk about rooting for the underdog kid on an underdog team rising to the top of national attention.

Now all the disabled groups are watching his story closely.

Chris Taylor also said that one of the major members of the new bay area Olympic bid is also wanting to help SJSU football put on an Olympics event for game(s) where former and current olympic players would participate in a special event aimed at media coverage and bring in the fans.

Things are happening.

On the basketball front. I spoke to one person last night who said that Phil Johnson has 3 very good recruits on campus this week.

Let's see what develops. This year should be fun again for basketball.

So - come to the next QBC for the Stanford dinner on 9/12 and bring your friends. Leigh Weimers is going to be our guest speaker and possibly Gerald Wilhite as well.

As Fitz says. He is taking this program "North" to gain big time status. It may take a couple of years to get all the pieces in place, but at least they are finally being worked on.

He has a good plan to walk-on and scholarship some great new players to add depth so that he could add 40 players on scholarship by 2004 and not violate the 25 scholarship rule. This is the first year of this effort.

He has bankrolled at least 8 such players this year so far (like QB - Adam Trafalis).

As a good friend always says to me "At least now the trend line is headed up".

(Name withheld for confidentaility purposes).

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