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The Mahoney Company develops and executes comprehensive marketing programs and augments existing programs for companies of all sizes! They provide 1:1 marketing services via Web-based direct mail and brand management system as their primary marketing technology. The Mahoney Company offers complete marketing solutions and they are a proud member and sponsor of SpartanThunder and SJSU!

Spartan business owners!

We are a proud member and sponsor of the Silicon Valley edition of the Spartan Network!

The Mahoney Company develops and executes comprehensive marketing programs, and augments existing programs, for companies of all sizes!

A quote from Spartan John Mahoney:

VP of sales, John Mahoney, says, "Our objective is to enhance our customer's business by delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time." The Mahoney Company works with its clients to do more than just speak to customers—the goal is to ensure that customers are heard.

Our processes and procedures:

The Mahoney Company has become a leading provider of 1:1 marketing services, using L2 Solution's Web-based direct mail and brand management system, Fuse, as their primary marketing technology. With Fuse, the Mahoney Company transitioned from a print-provider to a company offering complete 1:1 marketing solutions for their clients.

"We improve ROI for our clients by doing so much more than just printing." said John Mahoney, director of sales and marketing. "Through our partnership with L2 Solutions, we are confident we have the most scalable and robust 1:1 marketing solution available." Fuse offers an elegant, one-pass fusion method that takes data variables from any ODBC-compliant source to deliver custom communication products.

With Fuse, the Mahoney Company can now offer unprecedented customizability to its clients based on customer data, allowing them to focus direct mail campaigns precisely and efficiently. And Fuse's web-based interface makes it easy to set up and use.

The Mahoney Company operates Fuse™ to produce personalized materials on its iGen3 press, making it cost-effective, scalable and user-friendly for its clients. "It is amazing how automated and easy we can make this for our clients. We are constantly creating efficiencies that give them a huge advantage over their competitors" said Mahoney.

About The Mahoney Company

Founded in 1986, The Mahoney Company delivers targeted information for anyone who has information to deliver.

The company does more than just print information – they help clients become heard.

The Mahoney Company's leading-edge technology and broad based experience give them the tools to deliver information that is current, attention-getting, and relevant.

From full service variable data campaigns to short run printed pieces, The Mahoney Company delivers information people want to see.

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Santa Clara, CA 95051


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