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We are a proud sponsor of's Central Coast edition of the Spartan Network and love SJSU Athletics! Hair Shop Santa Cruz's hair care product line consists of professionally chosen products. We gladly recommend the products best suited for your needs. We also stock a wide variety of organic vitamins and teas. Hair Shop Santa Cruz does not sell products that are tested on animals.


We are proud to be a member and sponsor of the Central Coast edition of the Spartan Network!

We provide many services to SJSU fans here in Santa Cruz.

First, let me tell you a little about our Hair Salon/Barbershop.

In April of 03, Chi and I had the opportunity to buy out the previous owner and start our business.

After tearing down walls, putting up new walls, and providing a comforting and unique atmosphere for our customers, we introduced Hair Shop Santa Cruz. Since then, we are welcoming new and repeat clients daily.

As for us, hey, you can't ask for better people.

Chi has been using her talents since 2000. She continues to attend hair shows and classes to educate herself with the newest styles, colors, highlights, and then some. Chi is very attentive to a clients needs.

She does her magic with the expertise of a true artist.

You will leave happy!

As for myself, I finished Barbering School in 1990, then continued on with Cosmetology School in 1994. Besides giving the perfect perm, I mostly perform my Barbering techniques, but will still cut a excellent style for the ladies.

We are closed on Sundays, but if there is a good Football game on and you see the lights on, stop in, I'll cut your hair.

Chi and I are dedicated to give you the service you request, (or we might suggest something different) either way, you will be happy.

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