SJSU Spartan Quarterback Club 2007 Update!

There is no reason why everyone on this site, or anyone that loves SJSU Football, or anyone who calls themselves a SPARTAN BACKER is not a QBC member! The team needs us, and Coach Dick Tomey and the administration need us! Get off the fence and join right now! Do it today and get off the fence!

Fellow fans of San Jose State Football,

Did you know that the Quarterback Club is the fund raising arm of the Spartan Football Team?

Well, it is about time to back up your passion for SJSU football and stop the procrastination.

We here at feel it is time to take the quarterback club in a NEW direction, and it is time for those of you who have contemplated joining the QBC to do so today!

We are now looking for NEW BLOOD, and we want you to join us for this years football season and attend the QBC meetings with us!

The QBC is initiating a membership drive for the 2007 football campaign, and guess who that drive is for?


Without the QBC, a lot of what the team has accomplished on and off the field, could have or would have been harder for them to attain.

With money raised by the QBC, the athletics administration has been able to hire Dick Tomey, along with his staff, and helped fund the football teams improvement fund, ie.. facilities, uniforms etc...

With the anticipated success of this years team, and the more that they are recognized within the community, the costlier it will be to maintain the program.

Lets face it, we are dealing with the state of California college system, and the team is tapped out as far as state money goes.

The rest is up to us, the SPARTAN BACKERS!

There are two things we as die hard Spartan fanatics need to do.

Fill the stadium and join the Quarterback Club.

QBC Membership is only $50. All proceeds benefit the Spartan Football team!

Quarterback Club members look forward to this years football season with much optimism, and they invite Spartan fans to join them on Thursday's before the games for the QBC dinner and meeting to discuss upcoming events!

Coach Dick Tomey had another banner year in recruiting, and last years recruiting effort was rated as one of the best WAC recruiting classes by some publications.

The location for the QBC meetings last year was at the Holiday Inn on San Carlos street. However, there are hopes to bring the QBC meetings to exciting and new venues in the heart of downtown San Jose!

Stay tuned for details on potential exciting and new venues, times, and dates!

By continuing to invite football coaches, student-athletes and interesting speakers such as past players and NFL coaches, the program offers a keen insight to the upcoming games.

There is no reason why everyone on this site, or anyone that loves SJSU Football, or who calls themselves a SPARTAN BACKER is not a QBC member!

Join Today by E mailing us here at We will send you a membership form to fill out and send in to become an official member!

After you join, there will be a person at the meetings to meet and greet new members. You will be formally introduced and given a few moments to address the other members if you wish (optional).

Our E mail address is

Are you going to join us?


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