Guest Sheldon Canley at Thunder Fest Aug 18th

With the New Mexico Bowl victory still fresh in our minds, we'd like to get together with hardcore Spartan football fans (TO GET LOUDER THAN HELL), and to ramp up the energy for the 2007 campaign! Come to the annual "Spartan Thunder Fan Fest" at Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill) in Los Gatos on August 18th from 6PM to 9PM!


Get ready to meet and greet ex SJSU running back and SJSU record holder, Sheldon Canley, and SJSU's Director of Strength and Conditioning, Chris Holder, as both of these fine gentlemen will speak at the Thunder Fan Fest on August 18th at 6PM!

On a special day, December 8th, 1990, Canley scored 5 touchdowns in the California Bowl which enabled him to tie the great Barry Sanders All-Time Bowl game touchdown record.

We will salute him, and honor him as one of the greatest running backs in SJSU fame at the Thunder Fan Fest!

Hope to see you all there, and here is more info on the event!

Are you ready for the 2007 San Jose State football season to start?

Want to get pumped up before the Spartans take on the Arizona State Sun Devils?

Get out of the house, bring the kids and wife, and come chat with other SJSU fans at the first annual "SpartanThunder Fan-Fest"!

Please note that formal attire is NOT preferred at this event. Please show up in blue and gold hat's, Jersey's, T shirts, etc.

Come dressed as if you were going to a super bowl party! This is a gathering for hardcore SJSU football fanatics, so show your school colors and Spartan pride!

When: Saturday, August 18th from 6PM to 9PM (The time may run past 9PM for those blue n gold fanatics!).

This is only two weeks before SJSU plays Arizona State to start the season! Perfect timing to get the juices flowing!

What: A Spartan Thunder "fan fest" to kick off the 2007 football season!

Where: Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill)

Food and Drink: Jo's restuarant is running a "Spartan Special" that consists of a huge cheeseburger with all the fixins, chips, and a pint of beer for $7.50!

This special is good to the first FIFTY (50) fans who show up.

Jo's has an extensive menu of the south bay's best BBQ hands down! If you are not one of the first 50 people in attendance, there is a complete menu that is "family friendly" for those of you on a budget.

Hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic drinks will be served on the house, and compliments of this web site!

A full bar will also be available, but is not included as part of our free offering due to liability.

If you wish to consume alcoholic beverages at this event, you are doing so at your own monetary cost and risk. and it's co-sponsors, The SJSU Quarterback Club, and Bailey Properties of Santa Cruz, will not be held liable nor will be held responsible for the actions of any of the visitors at this particular event.

This is a pre-season "Fan Fest" to talk and interact with subscribers of this site and all Spartan fans in general. The SJSU Quarterback club along with Bailey Properties of Santa Cruz are co- sponsoring the event!

We'll hear from select individuals whom are privy to the football program, and watch videos from last season and the New Mexico Bowl victory!

Get ready for some good old fashioned Spartan football fan bonding!

And now a little about the venue called "Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill)"!

Bet You Didn't Know: Jo's has a winning approach to the sports bar theme: Appeal to families.

While Jo's has multiple televisions to go along with the requisite Golden Tee gold video game that every sports bar needs, they also have a dining room designed to appeal to the tiniest sports fans.

A BBQ menu of favorites rounds out a selection of comfort food that Spartan mom's and dad's will find equally attractive!

Awesome burgers, wings, ribs, tri tip sandwiches and many nightly specials.

House Specialty: You'll rarely find this good a selection of liquor and wine in a sports bar! The bar tender, Fast Eddie, pours a great cocktail!

Bring the kids and wife to "Thunder-Fest"!

Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill) is a place to bring the kids and wife. Spartan parents can sit and have a dinner of barbecue ribs or chicken on the covered back porch while watching their youngsters shoot hoops at the Thunder Fest!

Just bring a ball from home!

See you there!

Directions: Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill)

532 N Santa Cruz Ave

Phone: (408) 395-6908

Directions From 880 and Hwy 17 (heading southbound).

• Take 280 North from Downtown San Jose

• Take CA-17/880 exit going south towards Santa Cruz

• Take the CA-9 exit onto Los Gatos Saratoga Rd

• Go RIGHT on N Santa Cruz Ave (away from downtown).

• Arrive at 532 N Santa Cruz Ave Jo's North End Restuarant (formerly Johnny's Northside Grill)


(If the main lost is full when you arrive, free parking is available at Intero Real Estate in their back lot (across from Campo Di Bocce), or down the street at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

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