SJSU's Lance Holloway Aspires and Reflects

SPARTANTHUNDER.COM EXCLUSIVE! Spartan basketball player, and starting forward, Lance Holloway, tells the Thunder Nation his reflections on the past trip to England, and his future aspirations for the up-coming season and his career! We ran into Lance on campus a few weeks ago, just as he was getting ready for the trip to England. Buy tickets at!

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Spartan basketball fans!

The England trip was definitely a success for our program.

It was the first time in SJSU history that the mens basketball team has traveled overseas to compete.

We went undefeated but more importantly we played together and looked like a team.

The trip definitely gave our team a mindset that will help us be successful this upcoming season. Three wins in a row on the road has not happened in a long time for San Jose State, and we definitely made note of that as a team.

As for the England experience itself, winning made it much better. Being able to see the ancient history was also very pleasing. Big Ben, Tower of London , Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and many other attractions made the whole week a trip to remember.

My aspirations for the seasons is to just improve my game and contribution from last season in every category, points, rebounds, FT%, etc. As one of only three seniors on the team and for being here the longest (fifth year) I need to be a leader on and off the court. We are very young and have quite a few brand new guys in the program. They need to know our way of playing basketball and its my job to take the lead and help teach the new guys.

I feel we have so many weapons on the team that everyone who plays ample minutes will contribute greatly to our team. Scoring will come from both the inside out thus having a balanced attack on offense.

Rebounding will come from from our forward and center position but also from our guards because of there length and athleticism.

Assist well dished out by Justin Graham. And our inside defense and presence will be felt by Oliver Caballero, and myself.

Coach Nessman and his staff stress the importance of having a team culture and identity. Over these last two years of he and his staff being here they have worked hard it getting a culture and identity. Our work ethic on the court is quite like how we want to play.

Hard with and at an up tempo. We wish not play slow but not too fast out of our system. Coach often speaks of not worrying about our opponent but concentrate on how our team performs.

We could be playing the number one team in the country or the worst team in the country but if we worry about what we do we will always be in the game.

In a year from know I expect to attain my degree first and foremost. After that I plan to play basketball as long as I can until I can not any further. In three years if I am not playing basketball, I feel I could be doing many things. I love working with kids and teaching the game of basketball.

I often attend a boys and girls basketball camp every weekend to help teach skills. If not coaching I plan to use my marketing degree to get a job in PR or marketing for an NBA team.

I plan to stay around the game of basketball whatever my profession may be.

Everyone should be aware that this season will definitely be an exciting year. We have all the pieces to have successful season.

Youth, which will keep our team vibrant, energized, and fun to watch. Even though we have youth we counter balance that we our experience the last couple of years, we have played some of the toughest teams in nation and some roudy venues (Duke being a prime example).

Using our youth and experience combined with our eagerness to win and prove we are team to be mentioned of in the WAC we will have a successful season.

Its our time and we want everyone to come out and support us and our challenging season ahead.

Lance Holloway-

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