SJSU Basketball Outlook and WAC RPI Rankings

My best memory of San José State is being a member of the first and only (so far) varsity Division I basketball team to be ranked in the top 20. We were ranked 17th during the 1949-50 season, and in the 1950-1951 season we were the first SJSU basketball team to be invited to play in the NCAA Championships. What a wonderful time for SJSU basketball! —Mort Schorr- 1952. (Read WAC RPI GRADES HERE!)

WAC Hoops conference play is right around the corner, and SJSU has been ranked as near cellar dwellar's yet again in the conference.

SJSU has however started the season off in outstanding fashion by winning some games early on against out of conference teams.

They even won a tourney back east, and take on a fast gunnin' team from Bakersfield up next.

In regards to the WAC, the conference looks weaker than in the past. The RPI for SJSU looks gloomy, but the fast start to this early season has given the fans something to cheer about (which is something new to Spartan Hoops fanatics!).

The entire WAC RPI could use some help as well!

We need Idaho (305), San Jose (252), and Louisiana Tech (189) to improve their RPI this year if we want to get at a minimum two or possibly 3 bids next March. We would really be happy if they could all sneak in the top 200 hundred.

And we do not know enough about incoming talent to make a prediction on wins and losses at this point.

This is how we rated each team's schedule according to how it helps the WAC RPI.

1. Utah State -B+

Stew has really upgraded his schedule this year, thanks mostly in part to the San Padre Island Tourney with potential games with Vandy and either Bradley or Iowa. Overall a decent home schedule with games against Austin Peay and Santa Clara. He has also scheduled many winnable road games which really is the key in attaining a high RPI.

2. Nevada -A

We think the Wolf Pack have a great schedule. Games with California , Northern Iowa, UNLV, and North Carolina. They have balanced things out nicely with home and away match up's.

3. Boise State -B

The Broncos have a schedule that should put them in a position to enter league play with a very good record. Washington State is a great team they will play in Boise along with BYU. They have many winnable road games which will boost their non conference RPI.

4. New Mexico State -C+

The Red Aggies face a very difficult schedule to begin the season. Games at Ohio, Duke, Texas, and Louisville will be very challenging and will help their March resume. However, we think their schedule is too difficult but we applaud them in their courage.

5. Fresno State -B+

Challenging road games at Stanford and Arizona along with San Diego State and UNLV at home are great match up's. Other than that a very winnable schedule for the Dawgs.

6. Hawaii - B-

Hawaii always does a great job with basketball scheduling. They play a lot of games at home which will give them a good OOC record.

Illinois and at New Mexico look to be the only real tests in the early season. From an RPI standpoint, we think they need more than 2 OOC games on the road

7. Louisiana Tech -C+

This schedule gives the Dawgs a chance to learn how to win. At MSU and Texas Tech will be difficult, but other than that very winnable.

8. San Jose State -D+

Way too many road games, 5 straight to begin the season. Overall not a real difficult schedule, but could be with a young team, the Spartans need more home games. We are afraid they will be hurting in the RPI department again this year.

9. Idaho-C

Just the schedule the Vandals needed. At Gonzaga, Arizona State, and Washington State look to be only games they shouldnt compete in.

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