SpartanThunder and the Insiders offer Total Access has extended its offer of a free Recruiting Yearbook subscription with the purchase of a cool annual Total Access Pass!! Extends Yearbook Offer, Introduces Three-Month Total Access!

Get Free Yearbook with Total Access Pass!
SEATTLE - Those who missed out on the glossy, full-color yearbook that has recruiting fans buzzing across the country now have a second chance. has extended its offer of a free Recruiting Yearbook subscription with the purchase of annual Total Access Passes. The network also introduced a three-month Total Access Pass, which also will include a Yearbook subscription.

The Recruiting Yearbook subscription will continue as long as customers maintain their Total Access Pass at their favorite team site, Jim Heckman, CEO of and Citadel Publishing, announced. The inaugural Fall 2002 edition features stunning dual covers with Ernie Sims, everyone's No. 1 football prospect, and LeBron James, all-world basketball prospect.

"The fans loved our first pre-season yearbook," Heckman said. "We didn't want anyone to be left out and felt the new, three-month subscription was a good reason to extend our yearbook subscription offer. Now fans can get the best of both worlds - a lively, informative guide to keep as a resource and our world-class, up-to-the-minute coverage on the Internet."

Though the three-month Total Access Pass does offer value over monthly passes, Heckman pointed out that the annual Total Access Pass is the best value. The annual pass offers access to everything in the network (previously a $119.90 annual value). Current Club and Recruiting pass subscribers will save $40 a year by converting to Total Access.

The yearbooks spotlight the work of the top recruiting scouts in the country, all of whom offer minute-by-minute, commitment-by-commitment online coverage for From Jamie Newberg's national perspective, to Scott Kennedy and Tom Culpepper in the southeast, David Garvin in the south, Mike Bakas in the Atlantic east, Steve Curry in Pennsylvania, Duane Long in Ohio, Chris Pool in the midwest, Chris Fetters in the northwest, Greg Biggins and Student Sports in the west, and Max Emfinger offering more national perspective, offers the best zone and man-to-man coverage of the country's top football prospects. What's more, the incomparable Dave Telep and West Coast guru Tracy Pierson serve up the best dishes on basketball recruiting.

The football pre-season yearbook features Class of 2003 pre-season All-Americans, Hot 100 lists, All-Region teams, top player features, school preferences and exclusive Nike Camp statistics, as well as columns and analysis from the network's top scouts. The basketball portion features Class of 2003 pre-season All-Americans, lists of the top seniors and juniors, top player features, school preferences, exclusive Nike and Adidas camp reports and commentary from Telep and Pierson.

"I am proud of the recruiting yearbook that we put out," Newberg said. "All the hard work, the scouting, film evaluation, phone work and networking really paid off. recruiting team works hard and works very well together. Now, to supplement our network and the scout database, we have put out this great recruiting yearbook." Recruiting Yearbook debuted this fall and will be published twice a year. Yearly subscriptions will sell for $29.95 and can be purchased online. While supplies last, Yearbooks are free with the purchase of annual or three-month Total Access Pass at your favorite team, recruiting, expert or high school site.

Get Free Yearbook with Total Access Pass!

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