Spartans Reak in RedZone. Shut Out 30-0.

San Jose State came out firing the long ball against Fresno State on the first play of the game. It was intercepted and that set the tone the rest of the day on a bright and breezy day in the Central Valley. SJSU failed to score EIGHT times while in the Fresno State RedZone! A fake punt in the third quarter resulted in Myles Eden, picked up and slammed into the turf with authority.


This is what SJSU fans felt as they sat in the stands during SJSU's "no show" at Fresno State.

The Spartans were only one of TWO teams nationwide to get blanked in NCAA action Saturday (the other team being lowly Notre Dame).

Another embarrassing thing was the sorry attendance by SJSU fans at the game in Fresno. A mere "handfull" of SJSU students made the trip, and the amount of SJSU alumni in attendance was "weak".

The normal Spartan Foundation backers were there, as three bus loads of fans made the trip. They were treated to hor's dourves at a mexican restuarant before the game and sat on the 25 yard line during the game.

Close to 75 Spartan Foundation backers made the trip, and good for them for backing the team continuously.

Quarterback, Adam Tafrlalis, came out looking like Kenny "the snake" Stabler as the first snap of action was a 50 yard bomb.

It was intercepted.

The tone was being set for the rest of the game, as SJSU started to fold up camp in the third quarter of play.

SJSU did hold the Fresno offense to a mere six to nothing advantage at the half, and I give kudo's to the SJSU defense for playing with heart and pride.

The offense stunk it up, however, and the only player that we saw playing with emotion from the sidelines was quarterback, Adam Tafralis.

What was even more disturbing to watch, was the players on the bench watching the video board and trying to guess which helmet was going to be the winner in a "you pick the helmet" fan interaction video.

Their heads were obviously not in the game, and even James Jones from the Green Bay packers was hamming it up with the players on the sidelines.

The coach's need to observe what is going on behind them, as the team needs a good kick in the ba-donk-a-donk and need to keep their heads in the game when not on the field participating!

The second half was a complete collapse.

Unable to score in the RedZone eight times was quite concering to not only me, but to the few Spartan fans that sat around me and PHspartan.

Special teams also played a big role in the embarrassing loss to the dogs. The house began to fold in the third quarter, as two easy field goals were missed in the first half which would have gave the Spartans a tie at the mid way point.

A long kick off return and a botched fake punt in the third quarter started the demise of the New Mexico Bowl Champions.

The kicking game was "horrible", and represented more of a high school kicking crew!

"I think if we had made those field goals the team would have been a lot more confident," linebacker Matt Castelo said. "The offense worked so hard to get into field-goal range. It kind of brings you down a little bit."

The once reliable Sparty kicking game has now missed nine consecutive field-goal attempts in the past five games, and there seems to be no immediate hope of fixing the situation from my view point.

"I've never had this kind of difficulty trying to get three points," Coach Dick Tomey said. "We'll take a look at that."

SJSU did indeed rush for a season high 140 yards, and Dominique Hunsucker had a career high of 25 yards in just two carries. The option is still being used by the Spartans, but this kind of play calling will eventually end up in disaster as it is a high risk type of play.

The fans of Fresno State were friendly, and treated SJSU fans with respect. The only sour note was a small contingent of gangster type fans who sat right next to the Spartan Squad, and heckled them the entire game. We are lucky that no major altercation broke out, but, Fresno State needs to post a security person in this section for future home games in my opinion.

Post game, a dozen SJSU fans, along with myself and PHspartan hit up the "Elbow Room" and the "World Sports Cafe" in order to patch up our wounds over dinner and beverages.

Many fans came up to us and thanked us for coming into town for the game. The bartenders and food waiters were gracious and friendly, and we were made to feel welcome all around town.

We ran into ex Spartan kicker, Sergio Olivarez, at dinner, and he sat and spoke to us for a few moments. Look for an article on our front page within the coming weeks, as Sergio will give us his diary of thoughts on his times while playing at SJSU in the glory years of 1986 to 1987.

We also ran into the parents of Junior Safety, Andrew Ryan, (6'0", 195 lbs), who hails to us from the college of San Mateo at the World Sports Cafe.

His parents spoke to us, and they were obviously disappointed in the outcome of the game. It was nice to meet them, and we hold back their comments as it is not right to quote parents after such a bad loss in my opinion.

Here are some quotes from the players and coaches following Fresno State's 30-0 victory, courtesy of our pals over at the BarkBoard.

Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill

"At the end of the half, there were a lot of people who were disappointed that we went for the field goal rather than the touchdown. The second half it was very important to us to get off to a fast start and the rest is history."

"All I've heard for a year since San Jose State is that we had fallen behind San Jose State. The first drive was the big momentum changer in the second half. We're not a big, try to pad your stats team. Thirty-nothing I'll take it."

"Our defense played great, shutouts are hard to get in college football. We haven't given up a touchdown in Bulldog Stadium in three games. This team is rolling along really well and they're starting to gain confidence."

"To a defense, it is very big to get shutouts. They're a team that had averaged a lot of yards passing. They got a couple of long balls on us, but the bottom line is keeping them from scoring. I think we did a very good job of containing a good football team. For a whole year all I heard was that San Jose had gotten by us."

Fresno State linebacker Ben Jacobs

"It was a big statement. We knew that San Jose would be a tough game. It was big for us to come out and put a goose-egg on them like that. The key to the game was communication. Getting the plays called across the field was the key for us today. At halftime, we were feeling pretty good. We knew we just had to stay strong in defense and let our offense get something going and they did."

"The interception was big; it was huge. Especially on the first play of the game. Being one of the last teams to get an interception is hard, but interceptions, you can't hang your hat on them."

Fresno State defensive back Damion Owens

"First play of the game. Really I was just trying to get into my zone and I saw the ball. My eyes just kind of lit up. It was real exciting."

San Jose State Head Coach Dick Tomey

"That was a sound whopping. Fresno has a good football team. We were completely out-coached and out-played in all phases. So that was very disappointing."

"We had our chances to get on the board. We got to the 30 and we just couldn't do anything. We just didn't make anything happen when we got the ball deep in their territory."

"The kickoff return to start the second half was a big play. We were just down six at half and hanging right in there. They have a great kickoff team."

"We continue to be frustrated trying to kick a field goal. If we are going to be any kind of a team, we are going to have to make field goals."

San Jose Linebacker Matt Castelo

"They had that big kickoff return. And after that first touchdown we kind of hung our heads. A few missed tackles kind of snowballed."

"I give all the credit to Fresno State. They are a physical team. But we felt we could have beaten them. But losing like that is embarrassing."

"I thought we came out strong in the first half. We held them to two field goals. I think we have to be smarter watching the ball and not hitting players near the sideline. That really did hurt us."

"I think if we made field goals our team would have had more confidence. It would have brought us some momentum."

San Jose State returns to action, November 3rd, when they travel to Boise State for another WAC battle.

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