SJSU Baseball: New Season and New Team

Catch this special SJS baseball preseason report by Spartan Thunder field reporter, Bozar! It appears that Coach Piraro, has acquired some talent to replace players that have graduated or moved on. Bozar gives us a report on third baseman, Kyle Bellows, shortstop, Tyler Heil, and the kid who carries a "big stick" named Corey Valine! On the mound is Ryan Vander Tuig. A big hurler from Oakdale HS!

Hi all!

I went to the intra-squad game yesterday (11/13) and I'd like to post a few notes.

I watched five innings worth when I had to leave, but some things impressed me.

It is VERY obvious that Kyle Bellows is a special player at 3rd base.

I sat over on the third base side and he has a an excellent arm to go along with a good glove.

At bat he was 3 for 3 with a HR. Who will bat in front and in back of him is still open to question. The home run was nice but his second at bat (a single) was a thing of beauty.

Got to 0 and 2 and fought back with a lot of fouls before getting a pitch he could hit which he did.

A classic.

You should come out just to watch him if nothing else.

Other hitters?

Corey Valine is going to be a force but at what position?

I think DH; maybe first. Even his outs were spanked.

A little more patience maybe.

David Amberson (JC transfer) hit a HR as well.


I was watching the frosh mostly. Luke Mazzanti, from Folsom HS, got spanked a bit but showed he can throw strikes. Needs to develop arm strength and an assortment of pitches (hmm, that goes for all pitchers).

I was most impressed with Ryan Vander Tuig (out of Oakdale HS). A big (6'6") kid who overpowered a few batters. A keeper.

All these kids are battling for playing time and Coach Piraro was watching.

So, this wasn't just a practice with nothing riding.

More to come. . . soon!

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