SJSU Students Voice Opinions on Div 1-A Status

"Stop playing home games. By playing all our games on the road, the team won't have to worry about filling the stands". JD Stager- SJSU English Major.

SJSU Students give suggestions for keeping Div. 1-A status

October 07, 2002

I am writing in regards to the SJSU football team, and to share a few ideas that might help the team stay in the WAC and garner support from the student body.

The following are just a few ideas that President Caret and the athletics department might want to consider.

1. The problem of low attendance at home games is easily solved. Stop playing home games. By playing all our games on the road the team won't have to worry about filling the stands. In addition, playing on the road will allow the athletics department to acquire large sums of money because, as we all know our football team is actually paid to play on the road.

2. If the above advice does not work, or for some wacky reason it is not allowed, I have another idea. To get the needed $2 million to keep the football program alive, I propose an across the board cut of all academic programs. Not only will this make the athletics program wealthy, it will create a sense of unity among all faculty members.

3. SJSU football costs more to keep alive than any other sports program currently going; in addition it creates the most revenue. So, if we were to increase our spending on the football team by the needed $2 million a year, logic says the return will be just as great if we make it four or even five million, so why not set this as our admirable goal? I'm sure any mathematics professor on campus will stake their tenure on the validity of my proposal.

I have more ideas on how to keep the might mighty Spartans alive in the WAC but my word count is getting high so I must wind down. But before I do, I just wanted to say, and I quote, "our problem is apathy".

To help improve apathy, the football team needs to produce some wins." For those readers who do not know what apathy is, look it up in the dictionary and ask yourself, if I improve my apathy toward the football team does that mean I will care less about them than I do now, or not care at all?

JD Stager

Senior English Major **************************************************

SJSU students need to be more proactive

October 10, 2002

A lack of student involvement is an ongoing concern here at San Jose State University. But for the ones who actually want to make changes and have a voice, there are 28 committees that need student representation.

Unfortunately, as of Wednesday, 47 out of a possible 53 student positions are vacant and, only one student outside of Associated Students has volunteered.

Entities like policy committees, while they may sound boring, are the closest thing we have to appropriate representation in this bureaucracy called SJSU, home of 30,000 students.

At a recent Associated Students meeting, Academic Senate Chair James Brent beseeched the board to get the word out about the extreme lack of representation.

"There's the satisfaction of having your ideas implemented, actually making a difference in the life of the university and the lives of other students," Brent said in a recent Daily article.

Brent is also the chair of the executive committee, a group that delegates responsibility and reviews operating committee suggestions on university policy.

Brent added that without student input, some of the committees couldn't function.

Operating committees report and make recommendations for changes in procedures to the policy committees, according to the Academic Senate handbook.

Student involvement can stretch from class participation to being on an athletic team to participating in student government.

SJSU is in a constant battle with student apathy.

By helping our student body to overcome indifference, involvement in an activity such as student representation can influence them to make more personal connections.

By creating a path to education rather than being bystanders who go to class and go to their cars and drive home.

The often-stated fracturing of the campus involves a lack of attendance at home football games and the need to keep Division I-A status.

Well, there are two student vacancies on the athletics board, a committee that offers recommendations to President Robert Caret about SJSU athletics.

By being involved in one of these committees, not only will students get leadership experience, they can get an insight to how things get done in the process of policy making.

And if students join, they have better access to Caret and can effect change that much more quickly.

The only student representative that has volunteered so far is a graduate student who now sits on the Traffic, Transit and Parking Advising Committee, Joice said.

For those who are interested in joining a committee can read the Academic Senate committee vacancies on the Academic Senate homepage at

It's fine for students to be on the quiet side, but when student apathy turns into a collective silencing of policy and operating committees, it's time for students to step up and be active.

Anonymous Student-

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