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The San Jose State men's basketball team heads into the WAC season coming off their first three-game winning streak in two years, including the last two in thrilling overtime fashion. Next, they open the WAC season on the road at Boise State. Trivia for this week: Who is the career leader for 3-pointers made at SJSU?

Spartan Trivia

Tim Pierce is on pace to be second in 3-point attempts for the season (180), behind Billy Landrum's record of 197 in 2000. Who is the career leader for 3-pointers made?

The San Jose State men's basketball team heads into the WAC season coming off their first three-game winning streak in two years, including the last two in thrilling overtime fashion. Next, they open the WAC season on the road at Boise State.

This is a good time to face Boise, not because the Spartans are hot, but it is great to get it over with... Currently, they are the top team in the WAC and they are coming off a huge win against BYU. Now, if we can just head to Provo to face Utah State to take that bad medicine at the same time.

For Boise, they need to get it done now. For them, it is NCAA tournament or bust. They are a veteran team whose best players are all seniors – and these seniors are playing their best ball.

They have a great frontline, solid backcourt, and a lot of depth. This is Coach Greg Graham's best team and his best chance to go dancing—ever! A few thoughts on your Spartans:

Justin Graham: SJSU has not had a player with this much talent and versatility since Ricky Berry (God rest his soul). Next year, he and Adrian Oliver will make the best backcourt in the WAC. One day, they will be the best backcourt in the nation.

• DaShawn Wright: he plays with a cockiness and attitude unlike any other player on the team. He is one of the few players who really wants the ball and really knows what to do with it. Yes, Adrian Oliver is a major recruit and he does play Wright's position, but don't be surprised if DaShawn holds onto his job next season.

Chris Oakes: needs to get more selfish and meaner—if he just turned around towards the basket on some of his offensive rebounds, he would see that he usually has a clear path to the hoop. But, as a good teammate, he is always looking for a ballhandler.

• CJ Webster: we haven't seen this sort of muscle inside since Marion Thurmond—teams are no longer camping out in the paint.

• Tim Pierce: seems to be drifting on his shot…when he squares up, he is money. I like the fact that he is driving more to the basket, but he needs to be a better finisher.

Jamon Hill: starting to settle into the reserve role—lot to ask from a senior, but he has been a great soldier and has done whatever is asked of him.

• DeVonte Thomas: went from just an athletic baller, to a solid post player. Jump shot is almost there…

• Mac Peterson: injury messed with his shooting touch (50% before the injury, 1 for 9 since)—needs to get that in order before the WAC season gets hot and heavy.

Oliver Caballero: just good to have a dependable center with size for a change.

Lance Holloway: with Ollie guarding the middle, he is able to do what he does best—hustle, rebound, and keep the ball alive. Sure glad he stuck around.

Kevin Fleming: Mr. Dependable…plays under control and guards anybody.

Darion Goins: not playing as much as he did last year, but always answers the bell.

Joe Udeoji: I wonder if he ever thought about playing tight end.

Boise State starters:

• PF Reggie Larry (SR, 6-6, 225, 18.9 pts, 8.3 rbs): one of the WAC's best all-around players—third in scoring and third in rebounds. Can do it from anywhere on the floor; post up, create off the dribble and shot the 3. One guy you would need to double, and one guy you don't want to foul—automatic from the free throw line. A very solid defender…

• C Matt  Nelson (SR, 6-9, 232, 15.1 pts, 8.3 rbs): this current WAC player of the week is the perfect compliment to Larry—they just dominate the board. He won't shoot much from outside—picks up the garbage and is deadly inside 15 feet. Big body, but very good athlete—deceptively fast and has great hands.

• SF Tyler Tiedeman (SR, 6-7, 210, 11.3 pts, 2.6 rbs): found money—he is the player that you won't pay attention to until he sticks a dagger in your heart with a 3. An opportunistic and a fundamentally sound player—just a plugger. Has a little brother who plays for Bakersfield.

• SG Matt Bauscher (SR, 6-2, 197, 8.0, 2.8): fifth year player might be the team's best shooter—does not take a bad shot. Good handle and solid leader. General on the floor…

• PG Anthony Thomas (SO, 6-0, 202, 9.4 pts, 4 asts): only underclassmen who starts—a racecar among a SUVs, Thomas can flatout motor. This is his team next year, and is really asserting himself this year. Streaky shooter—but a pass first player.

Off the bench

• SG/SF Paul Noonan (FR, 6-6, 200): redshirt freshman can come in and play any wing position – a very dependable player, who can handle the ball and shoot the 3. Starting to play more minutes…

• PG Jamar Greene (JR, 6-0, 190): JC transfer is a nice combo guard; however, he has been in a bit of a slump, so his minutes have declined. Look for him to play a lot minutes against the Spartans—they really need him to heat up for the WAC season.

• C Kurt Cunningham (SO, 6-9, 277): redshirt freshman is a real bruiser. Just takes a lot of space in the paint and set some mean screens (keep your head up), but not a guy to foul—he is 8 of 10 from the line this season.

• F Mark Sanchez (JR, 6-7, 239): athletic wing, who can play a little in the paint.

9th man in Coach Graham's 8-man rotation

• SG/SF Aaron Garner (JR, 6-4, 175): JC transfer who got more time earlier on, but has had a hard time finding his range in D1 (shooting under 30% for the season)

• C Zack Moritz (FR 6-10, 230): redshirt freshman has seen time in only two games this year. Might get some run against the tall Spartans.

• F Shawn Rouse (FR, 6-7, 180): another redshirt freshman that coach Graham might want to start feathering into some action.

Probably could play SG…

Answer to the trivia:

Michael Quinney (19998/99) is the career leader in 3-pointer made with 123—in amazingly only 54 games—2nd is Tito Addison with 122 made 3s in 84 games and 3rd is Jason Allen with 120 made 3s in 97 games.

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