San Jose State Spring Game "Defensive"

The San Jose State University defense continued where they left off in 2007 with big-plays, and recovered three fumbles, a nifty pass interception, and penetrated for five quarterback sacks in a 42-18 triumph in the team's annual Spring Game. A bright sunny day gave way to 1,000+ fans in attendance and Coach Dick Tomey on the microphone addressing the Blue and Gold faithful.

Here is the breakdown from the 2008 SJSU Football Spring Game!


D-Line: J. Schweiger looks great! D-Line nicely ready with A.Davis, J. Willis (sat ot today), C. Ihenacho, K. Kressel (sat out today), J.Cole (DE) and R. McHale who stood out today.


Weak area that needs improvement. Looks like J.Cole at LB and K.O'Neal.

In the fall LB's look like:

-J.Cole, M.Marah , R. Gonzalez (Out hurt for spring game), K.O'Neal, B.Storaasli, T. Jones, and J.Swisher in potential rotation.


Looks good with C.Francies and C.Owens at safety.

The O looked weak.

Solid play from QB's and RB's will be key to 20-08 success. WRs and TE look good.


S.Flynn and J. LaSecla look like works in progress, and look for K.Reed at the helm if he broken foot heals and he rehabs in time for August drills.

Special Teams:

Josh speed? Opened the spring game with a kick return for a TD.

Stubeck missed the first FG attempt of the spring game from about 35 yards out.

Improved later with longer field goal towards the end of the session.

The Offense:

Almost every play seemed slow to develop.

Every QB was lacking depth in their reads, and for the most part showed little accuracy and arm strength.

Offensive is not looking improved, but this is a Dick Tomey defensive minded club.

The Defense:

The impact of Jeff Schweiger is tremendous. When double teamed, the DL had opportunity to penetrate. When blocked 1:1 he pretty much dominated the O lineman.

In general, the D just had a great nose for the ball and seemed far more in sync, focused and agressive than the O.

Overall, a very nice performance by the D.


-Ryan McHale: He had some nice stops showed great persuit

-Jordan Johnson: Kid looks like he can make some plays had a nice 30yd catch.

-Kyler O'Neal: Don't quote me on this.... but he just might be the next Matt Castello. Showed great heart out there. Undersized kid with big heart.

Players out of spring game action:

(Bradis McGriff, Jalal Beauchmann, Kevin Jurovich, Patick Perry, Cameron Island, Dominque Hunsucker, Mike Avila, Terrence Williams.

LB Patick Smith could be an impact player down the road, as he was highly regarded out of high school.


Bradis McGriff who said that he is still not all the way back, but is working on it and making progress.

Center, Justin Paysinger, who injured his back last season, probably won't be available in the fall.

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