Feel the Thunder of Spartan Pride!

We are committed to the blue and gold, while at the same time a storm is brewing in the South Bay. As our student-athletes, coaches, and staff prepare for the 2008 paradigm, you need to know that we will not truly succeed without the nation of Sparta joining us in the 2008 season! Be there when "thunder" rolls onto the gridiron this season at historic Spartan Stadium!

We are the battalion of committed Spartans, and a storm is brewing in the South Bay!

As our student-athletes, coaches, and staff prepare for the 2008 paradigm; we need you to know, we will not truly succeed without the nation of Sparta to join us in the 2008 season!

A big Thunderous "thank you" goes out to Coach Tomey and his team in advance of this crucial season in SJSU football history!

Let's not let him or his hard working staff down this season, so invite your friends and family to the games this year and go the extra mile in regards to marketing your San Jose State Spartans!

The performance by our student-athletes on the gridiron represents each and every one of us on game day, and this season is the time to create the "perfect storm" in the stands of Spartan Stadium.

Coach Tomey is dedicated to building a program for the future, and we are about to witness a shift towards greatness as Coach Tomey continues his tireless endeavors towards building a common bond that unifies us all to the core.

On Saturday, August 30th, WE will celebrate together the 2008 season as the Spartans take on the Aggies of UC Davis.

Today, we call all men and women of Sparta, the 159,000 graduates of this great university, along with the current student population, to show up in support at Spartan Stadium.

On opening day, take a moment to join together in a real, visible, and tangible way to cement our support of our University and our student-athletes.

The message is clear, the time is now, and we are asking everyone to tell a fellow Spartan, that it is time to fill the house in 2008!

Challenge your friends, classmates, and families. This is your day to stand proud and tell the WAC that the Spartans are truely BACK.

This is the day to come together as a community linked together by this great University, and the extraordinary group of men who don our colors and compete for glory.

I hope that you can embrace this challenge, and together form your resolve to act as an ambassador on opening game day. It is all about friendship in the tailgate areas, justice on the gridiron, and learning the ways of success that will carry forward the next decade at San Jose State.

Come join us as we cheer on our Spartans against our foes, and the subversive Helots of the western athletic conference!

SpartanThunder.com looks forward to seeing all of you in the stands, and do not forget to wear your BLUE and GOLD!



All students can enter all SJSU home games for FREE by presenting their TOWER CARD at the gate!

Get off the main campus, and enjoy some entertainment that does not cost you a single penny! Come and blow off some steam and get over to the games and support the BLUE and GOLD!

Get your Spartan Squad T shirt and join fellow students as they cheer on SJSU!

Bring your student ID to the General Services Center at the Student Union, Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm after signing up online at:

Link: http://as.sjsu.edu/spartansquad/

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