The Good, the bad and the ugly-Week #1 vs UCD

The refs only calling holding on the UCD O-line once or twice in the game? And you thought Pac-10 refs were bad! Schwieger and company were getting mauled all game long. Some of it was so obvious from about 50 yards away, I was wondering if the refs had a night vision problem? Maybe AD Bowen can get the refs some seeing eye dogs for the next game. It can't hurt!

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The Good:

According to DT teams make their greatest improvement between games 1 and 2…..we better hope so or the game in Nebraska could be a ball buster for the Spartans…..

SJSU got the win against UCD……sort of like Gustav missing a direct hit on our friend Caj…..he probably still has a mess to clean up but did not get totally wiped out with a direct hit….

I told a friend prior to the season that the SJSU defense will win 2-3 games for the Spartans…..UCD game is #1 for the defense. The defense is as advertised….damn good….. pitching a shut for three quarters is hard against anybody….

Kevin Jurovich tons of WAC DB's are not going to like lining up against this guy….

After the UCD game Tomey goes with one quarterback all season except for mop up duties. His name is Kyle Reed…if we already did not know…

Schwieger, Francis and Owens will be 1st team All WAC on the defensive side by the end of the season and Jurovich, Davis, Richmond will make the All WAC on the offensive side…

I hate to do it but, congratulations to Fresno St. for making a long roady and beating a good team at Rutgers…..Same goes for LaTech beating Miss St. at home…these are quality wins that help the WAC.

And was there any Spartan out there that did not laugh his ass off after seeing SMU and June Jones getting pounded against Rice….

Bowen and Kassing telling Lew Wolfe to stuff it on his low ball offer for a stadium….I can hear the folks in Fremont screaming….I mean crying Wolf(e)…..One thing my Pa told me a long time ago…."they aren't making any more land, so it has value way beyond the first offer" Good move gentlemen!!!!

SJSU rated in the mid 90's on most of the preseason polls……can you say surprise, surprise, surprise……

Best WAC conference games of the year FSU @ SJSU, FSU @ Boise and Boise @ SJSU nothing else will come close and two of them are in our yard.

The collective non-conference games in the WAC this year. Everyone has a one or two patsies but this is balanced with some tough competition in the other two games.

Tomey committing that our APR will be good and pass muster with NCAA next season…..

Yonus Davis for getting his academic house in order to get the 6th year and graduating….cheers for a job well done and setting a good example to others in athletics.

Anybody watch the UCLA vs. Tenn. Game?…..what a freaking good ball game and this is why I love College Football so much……

For the betting crowd a few really good lines showed up this week……the Choker really likes Arkansas (-11.5) vs. La-Monroe this should easily be in the mid 20's take Arkansas…..Texas Tech (-9.5) vs. Nevada take Texas Tech ……Oregon (-35.5) vs. Utah St. this one could just bee plain ugly…..take Oregon

The good match ups for this week will be LaTech vs. Kansas and Texas Tech vs. Nevada not because these are WAC teams but because I think they will be the best games in college football this week.

The Bad:

Jeff Scwieger is bad to the bone and will dismantle a few conference foes all by himself. Throw in the other 10 guys and we might witness some of the best defensive football since Claude Gilbert was at SJSU….and that is good.

The SJSU place kicking game is still on life support……

Linebackers looked a little suspect on certain plays but again this is a unit going in that is very green….I will give it a game or two…

The refs only calling holding on the UCD O-line once or twice in the game…..and you thought Pac-10 refs were bad. Schwieger and company were getting mauled all game long…..Some of it was so obvious from about 50 yards away I was wondering if the refs had a night vision problem?......maybe Bowen can get the refs some seeing eye dogs for the next game……can't hurt…

Bowen clamming up about any stadium improvements….if the ship has sailed let us know we understand but, not saying anything makes me think of bad initials like CCCP, FBI, KGB and CIA….Mr. Bowen you are better than that….give us the straight scoop and we will deal with it.

No BCS for the WAC this year….too many tough schedules…..think Mormons and a move back to the MWC….

Don't think for a minute that the NCAA will congratulate the Spartans on the hard work they did on improving the APR….

The WAC will need an unemployment office for ex coaches by the end of the season….3 of the 9 coaches will be gone…think Nevada, Utah State and NMSU.

The passing of Brian Ellege's father….god speed my fellow Spartan…..

The bad college games for this week appear to be Notre Dame vs. SDSU, NMSU vs. Nicholls State and Idaho vs. Idaho St.

The Ugly:

The O-line needs to be fixed soon and I mean very soon…..If this offense is going to have any kind of chance this unit is in need of some intensive care….the black shirts are licking their chops…. Tomey will not tolerate this kind of crap….hopefully Morton, Arroyo and the O-line got an earful on Sunday….

Play calling by Morton and Arroyo…..With all the talent at the skill positions that this team has and it can't even get 300 yds of total offense against UCD…. come on boys you are better than that….I am sure DT let these two have it on Sunday…..

Arroyo and company for stating prior to the season that they wanted to run the defenses ragged by reeling off 80 to 90 plays a game……nice start fellas in getting 58 against UC Davis…..that is only about 22 short……Hell UCD got off 64 against SJSU…..

THE NCAA….the bastards that run this show should be shown the door….

The APR is a joke and does not account for on-going improvement by schools.

The NCAA still not mandating a national championship in Football is a disgrace and a pox on the land…..What the hell, lets decide it all by playing hop scotch, jump rope and dodge ball for the mythical national championship in football it would be a hell of lot better than they way they do it now….

SJSU could easily be 5-7 by the end of the season…..hedging my bet maybe, but then again poor QB and O-line play and a couple of key injuries could doom this team…..

NMSU, USU and Idaho have 36 games this season if they get 8 wins between them it will be a success…..that is ugly any way you slice it…..

I wonder, can I get that over/under bet at Vegas?....hmm…..

Fresno State's legal troubles and the settlement all the taxpayers of California get to pay…..nice job bozos.

Idaho and Hawaii getting pasted this past week…. both of these games are ugly losses for the WAC….

SDSU losing to Cal Poly this past week….the only worse one was Michigan losing for the second year in a row in the big house to a perceived inferior Utah squad…congratulations to the Mustangs and Utes…

SDSU having a paltry 27 yards running against Cal Poly on 23 carries……4 fumbles with 3 of them lost…..throw in 2 INT's by SDSU….now I know how Cal Poly won….turnovers…..

The ugly games of the week for college football are going to be Oregon vs. Utah St., SMU vs. Texas St. – San Marcos (I did not know there was a team called Texas St-San Marcos) maybe June Belle will get beaten again and we all get to laugh even more…..

And last but not least…. a big thanks goes out to Mr. Bowen and staff for the wonderful job they did with the jumbo tron, gold zone video feed and the game day programs…..all of this stuff costs money for the fans….yes we pay for it directly or through our season tickets….what a public relations disaster…..the Einstein's they had working on these various fan enhancements were non functioning or just brain dead….

I seriously hope someone gets an earful about this stuff so it can be corrected….Do you seriously think any of us will continue pony up hard earned dollars for cow dung delivered in hot steaming piles?.....maybe the teams lack luster performance is related to the crap sandwiches the administration is serving up to the fans….hmm could be…..

Hope to see all of you in Spartaville in two weeks for the Aztecs.

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