The Good, the Bad and the ugly-Week #2 vs NEB

Chuck Long has had back to back season opening losses to Cal Poly, and might last one more because they have been so bad for so long. SDSU needs a ton of wins quick, and the game at SJSU does not help this week. But the Aztec's get help in week 4 in a home game with WAC team, Idaho. SJS comes home mad as hell for letting one get away in Lincoln. Will they take it out on the Aztecs this Saturday?

Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste and mine is totally wasted……so read at your on risk….

The Good:

ESPN 360 what a great feature, you can get live sports events via the internet on your computer. For those that are AT&T internet subscribers it is free service, I also think Verizon subscribers get it free but, not sure. I watched the Tenn. vs. UCLA game and was very impressed with the feed and resolution on my computer. Yes fans the Choker is still too cheap to subscribe to cable or satellite service. $60/month is $60/month and I have some other serious bad habits that need to be fed on a regular basis…..maybe Bowen and Company can sign them up to run the Gold Zone……

The Express…..a new movie about to be released about Ernie Davis the great Syracuse U running back….after all the feel good stuff about baseball and golf the last few years we finally get one on football…..I hope it lives up to the hype and Davis' story…..Hopefully all of the college football nuts will see it…..

Our beloved Spartans come home mad as hell for letting one get away from them in Lincoln. Hopefully they take it out on the Aztecs this Saturday….

Kyle Reed and the Spartans Defense……

I have renewed confidence in the Spartans after the UCD near debacle and a solid performance in Lincoln…..anybody starting to feel this team could be special in the annuals of Spartaville? I am really feeling that way this morning….

I like the new timing rules in college football for once the NCAA got something right… don't screw with it!!!

Week #2 BCS Conference ratings:

1. SEC…Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, need I say more 2. Pac-10…..USC, UCLA, ASU, Oregon 3. Big 12…...Best QB's top to bottom of any Conference 4. Big 10……OSU is the only reason they get 4th and that may change soon 5. Big Easy…..nothing to write home about 6. ACC……there might even be some FCS conferences better than this one…..

Week #2 Non-BCS Conference ratings:

1. MWC…..Utah over Michigan, BYU over UW 2. WAC…..LaTech over Miss. St. and Fresno over Rutgers 3. Conf USA…..ECU over VaTech and W. Virginia 4. MAC……these guys will be beating the crap out of each other later in the season 5. Sun Belt….could move up with better performances

For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 2 for 3 last week not bad and my mythical pocket book is up $90, I really blew the Arkansas vs. La-Monroe game….. this week the Choker really likes Toledo (+1) vs. Eastern Mich. This is one where you can take either side personally I prefer E.Mich, Oregon (-7) vs. Purdue take Oregon, Arizona St. (-22) vs. UNLV take ASU and finally SJSU (-6) vs. SDSU take the Spartans…. consider the source of this advice and bet at your own risk and ….seriously.

The good match ups for this week will be….UCLA vs. BYU, OSU vs. USC and Fresno St. vs. Wisconsin

Fresno St. for getting its 13th win over a BCS school since 2001…..also good for the WAC….

In a fantasy thought I had recently…… the Non-BCS conferences boycott the BCS schools on future football schedules until they get a better deal for the BCS bowl games…..maybe a sweetheart deal like Notre Dame gets……and then I woke up…..oh well nice try and the BCS schools would be in a tough spot if it happened for a year or two……everybody would want Stanford, Duke and Minnesota on their schedules…… It would also be fun to finally watch some of these teams play some real teams for their non-league schedule.

The non - BCS BCS Bowl Bid Derby….only 13 teams left with a shot…

1. East Carolina (2-0) two solid early season wins against good teams 2. BYU (2-0) the schedule looks favorable for a run 3. UTAH (2-0) Weber St and Utah St. on the schedule is not good 4. Fresno St. (1-0) tough ass schedule will earn them a look if they go undefeated 5. Boise St. (1-0) if they get past Oregon and S. Miss legit contender 6. TCU (2-0) must beat Oklahoma to have an outside shot, rest of the schedule is weak 7. Air Farce (2-0) still must face Utah and BYU but both are at the Academy 8. Ball St. (2-0) the MAC always beats up on itself and the schedule hurts them 9. Rice (2-0) Texas on the schedule it will cost them a shot 10. Tulsa (2-0) Weak ass schedule the anti-Fresno St. any patsy, any time 11. Troy St. (1-0) it is over this week with a visit to LSU 12. Arkansas St.(2-0) S. Miss and Bama on the schedule 13. New Mexico St (0-0)….only because they have not played a game yet

Idaho ending an 11 game losing streak even if it was against a FCS team….long losing streaks wear like a cheap set of shoes….

The Bad:

The Spartans letting a close one slip away in Lincoln…..

Under the heading "you gotta love this one" the teleconference call in line for Coach George O'Leary of Central Florida was a phone sex line….isn't this the guy who got busted for padding his resume at Notre Dame???? This sort of fits in an odd kind of way….sorry ladies but, going deep, getting to the hole and illegal motion have a whole new meaning in college football

Pac-10 referees make the bad list again…..will the conference ever do something about the officiating at there games. In particular the UW vs, BYU game on the last play of the game with little time on the clock Jake Locker runs the ball in for a touchdown to put the Husky's one point away from overtime…..Oh but wait a minute Locker tosses the ball in the air in exultation and gets flagged for excessive celebration. The penalty results in a 15 yard march off for the extra point and thus makes this a near 35 yard extra point….err field goal with the game on the line. The BYU blocks the extra point and wins. Simply put this referee needs to be put on ice for a very long time…..this type of penalty is a judgment call except all judgment went out the window in this case…… Do not get me wrong UW should have played better especially late in the game but, this kind of call is so absurd it makes one wonder what kind of thinking goes on with these folks.

The Police Blotter…..Penn St. suspended three players for ganja this week after the idiots where holding a very loud party at their dorm and police requested and received a search warrant…..maybe it is good the NCAA is tightening up the academic standards…..with dumb asses like this running around…..

The bad college games for this week appear to be….Utah vs. Utah St., Duke vs. Navy and my super duper really bad game special of the week Oklahoma @ Washington….I can just imagine the game plan Coach Stoops is implementing this week after his team got jobbed by the Refs in Eugene a couple of years ago and the call that was made in last weeks BYU vs. UW game……my thinking here is that Coach Stoops does not even want this game to be close and he takes it out on the Huskies. It will be a very long day for Coach Willingham and the Huskies…..

The BCS would be better off with MWC and the WAC instead of the ACC and the Big Easy…..

University of Idaho - AD Rob Spears this dude is trying to get everyone to believe that some kind of miscommunication existed between UI and Nike on the UI logo appearing on the pooper of the football pants. Here is Mr. Spears quote from the AP report "there was a miscommunication with equipment supplier Nike over the placement of the logo" are you kidding me and do expect us to believe that load of cow flop….In my experience you do not get the goods on custom uniform orders unless you have signed away your life in triplicate….this so full of double speak and buffalo dung the guy should be working in Washington D.C. …….ryansjspartan from Spartan Thunder get a nod for setting me straight on this one…I had actually thought it was a ruse by the boys from BSU after watching the Idaho vs. Idaho St. game.

No more suds in Spartaville after this year…..load up on the sauce for 5 more home games because next year the place will be dry as a popcorn fart….

The Big 10 Conference not only is this conference overrated but when the NCAA added a game to the schedule a few years ago these morons let the teams schedule another non-conference game instead of having to play all the teams in the conference…..and everyone wonders why they never win the big games and get beat by inferior competition…..I know it is old news but it still sticks in my mind as something that needs fixing in college football.

Still have not received my All Sports Media Guide from SJSU….anybody else get one yet???

The Ugly:

The Spartans special teams giving up 21 points in two games and counting…..the place kickers are personally responsible for 14 of these points….

Utah was the only team to rush for fewer yards (36) than SJSU (42) in week #1 and win their game…at least they scored a TD on the ground….

Ben Mauk of Cincinnati going 5 rounds with the NCAA for a 6th year of eligibility ….and then going to court in his home town to get a judge to make the NCAA review his case again….give it up pal and move on and get a life….this is the kind of guy that will end up suing his employer from wrongful termination….what a cry baby…..

The tree sitters at the Peoples Republic of Bezerkely have cost the California tax payers a cool $20 million….trees are nice but don't do it at the expense of the California tax payer. The real problem is that since most of these people have never worked they do not get the cost implications they burden the rest of us with….I wish the judge would have made the wackos pay the bill…..Another reason to live by the motto Earth First! And we will log the other Planets later….

…..Back on the BYU vs. UW game and the Pac – 10 referees…..what where the other 6 officials thinking by letting one guy flag UW… is bad enough for one Ref to not have good judgment but the 6 others too…none of them decided to overturn a very bad call…..they all deserve to be canned for the remainder of the season…..but the Pac-10 has had bad officiating for years and I suppose it will not change anytime soon….I am really looking forward to the Stanford game this year…..sure

Coach Stoops of UA calling a time out just before half time, up 42-0 on Idaho….just so they could score another TD to make it 49-0 at the half….not only is this ugly it is down right classless…..I hope USC or someone in the Pac-10 makes him pay for this….

The ugly games of the week for college football are going to be New Mexico St @ Nebraska., Nevada at Missouri and Texas Tech @ SMU hopefully June Belle will get beaten again and we all get to laugh even more…..

UNR's running back going down in a season ending injury in the second week of the season. The guy was good and could have been All-WAC this year.

I know it is too early to be talking about departing coaches but, what the hell nothing like watching a coach go thermonuclear in the second week of the season….

Thermonuclear Club…could be vaporized any second

Tyrone Willingham ….a whopping .289 win percentage at UW….might be gone by week 5…. the Husky fans are restless and rabid…..frankly Ty's recruiting has been horrible and it will take several years for this program to be turned around in a tough Pac-10.

Greg Robinson….an even better 0.189 win percentage at Syracuse…..might last through the end of the season but will be gone sooner or later

Napalm Club….spontaneous combustion upon contact

Chuck Long…..back to back season opening losses to Cal Poly…..might last one more because they have been so bad for so long…needs a ton of wins quick….SJSU does not help this week…..but gets help in week 4 in a home game with Idaho…..

Molotov Cocktail Club……..add gasoline and poof

Mike Sanford….. 0.189 win percentage at UNLV…..7 wins in 4 years is not good. I doubt he gets another year unless the have a winning record.

Charlie Weis of Notre Dame is warming up in the batters box and a poor performance against a lousy Michigan team might earn him a mention next week. He was so close to going thermonuclear against SDSU….

I know I should not be so cynical but the idiots in college football give me so much ammunition…..

Hope to see all of you at Hooters on Friday and in Spartaville Saturday for the Aztecs.

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