The good,the bad and the ugly-Week #3 vs SDSU

SJSU has a defense that is championship caliber. Eight quarters of shut out football in just three games.Nice…in fact very nice! Ranked #19 in total defense and only allowing 4.28 yards per play, 2.16 yards per rushing attempt, 55.33 yards rushing per game, and a sweet #10 national ranking in rushing defense. SJSU's offense averaging 5.32 yards per play through three games a very nice statistic!

Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste and mine is totally wasted, so read at your on risk….

The Good:

SJSU wins big against hated rival SDSU….

The defense gives up a whopping 3 points against SDSU….

SJSU has a defense that is championship caliber….8 quarters of shut out football in just three games….nice…in fact very nice…..ranked #19 in total defense and only allowing 4.28 yards per play, 2.16 yards per rushing attempt, 55.33 yards rushing per game and a sweet #10 national ranking in rushing defense….

SJSU's offense averaging 5.32 yards per play through three games a very nice stat….

USC exposing for the world a very weak and slow Big 10 Conference…..while I am at it throw in Fresno St. for doing the same thing. Right now the Big 10 can join the ranks of the ACC and the Big Easy as the most overrated conferences in the history of college football.

A bowl bid is on the line for Stanford and SJSU this weekend in Palo Alto….sort of early in the season for this but it is a critical game for both programs….

SJSU beats Stanford this weekend…..I just have one of those feelings……the key will be SJSU's ability to shut down Stanford's run game.….redemption should be the key word for the Spartans this week…..

Triple ground threat for SJSU….Rutley, Davis and Reed…..

The O-Line getting it together against SDSU….nice game in the trenches….

In the obscure stats column……

1. Stanford defense has averaged 81 plays/game and the Stanford offense has been on the field for 58 plays/game…..SJSU offense is reeling off 69 plays/game and the SJSU defense has only been on the field for 55 plays/game….I like the Spartans chances against Stanford……this is good

The non - BCS BCS Bowl Bid Derby….nine and counting….4 teams got eliminated this week.…

1. East Carolina (3-0) two solid early season wins against good teams 2. BYU (3-0) the schedule looks favorable for a run 3. UTAH (3-0) Weber St and Utah St. on the schedule is not good 4. Boise St. (2-0) big test in Eugene this weekend against the Pac-10 refs 5. TCU (3-0) must beat Oklahoma to have an outside shot, rest of the schedule is weak 6. Air Farce (3-0) still must face Utah and BYU but both are at the Academy 7. Ball St. (3-0) the MAC always beats up on itself and the schedule hurts them 8. Tulsa (2-0) Weak ass schedule the anti-Fresno St. any patsy, any time 9. Troy St. (2-0) it is over this week with a visit to Ohio St.

A judge told Ben Mauk to go get a real job…….

For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 1 for 4 and now sits at 3 and 5 for the season last week was bad and my mythical pocket book is now down $260, I really blew the Toledo (+1) vs. Eastern Mich. tilt, lost the Oregon vs. Perdue match up by one lousy point… got killed with UNLV taking out ASU and finally won one with SJSU destroying the Asstechs…..oh well another week and another few hundred bucks in the toilet….and don't say I didn't warn you….. bet at your own risk…

This week I really like the following matchups…..SJSU (-9.5) vs. Stanford take the Spartans… fore warned this line could get better during the week so it might be better to wait until Friday to place the wager…it has already improved to SJSU @ -9, Arizona (-1.5) @ UCLA take UCLA…..Troy St. @ Ohio St. (-21) take Ohio St., Iowa @ Pitt (-1.5) take Iowa and Boise St. @ Oregon (-12) take Boise St.….once again bet at your own risk my record so far is not good enough to be reliable…probably the reason I will never be hired to set the lines at a sports book…..

Dick Tomey's interview this past week on KNBR some great stuff on the team and his way of getting the team over a loss. Better yet his unabashed commitment to SJSU and continuing to build a program…..sweet…

Ever wonder what Coach Tedford @ Cal is thinking…….he may be regretting it about now but, we will never know…..

Bad tree karma doomed the Cal Bears vs. Maryland…..nah…..well maybe we will have to wait and see…..

The Bad:

Ohio State is a bad football team and I am glad that no one from the Big 10 has a chance to play for the Mythical National Championship….

The referees in the WAC are approaching the caliber of the PAC-10 refs…..if you were in Spartaville on Saturday and saw the second half blown fumble call in the FSU vs. Wisc. Game you know what I mean…..

Again I am looking forward to the PAC-10 officiating crew up at the Farm this weekend….

The WAC only winning two games this past weekend……

Still have not received my All Sports Media Guide from SJSU….anybody else get one yet??? I had a conversation with a person in the ticket office this week, on Wednesday, to inquire about my Stanford tickets and the media guide…..I was told the Stanford tickets have been mailed however they have no clue as to when the guides will go out….they blamed the Sports Communications Division…..Mr. Hastings I am waiting……maybe I will get a nice Christmas present in my mail box…..A note to Mr. Bowen if you want to save some money you might consider sending all this stuff one time…I have got to think the postage and handling bill will not be cheap to send the guides separate from the football season tickets…..but what the hell do I know???

Kevin Jurovich coming down with mono early in the season….this could play two ways… he comes back after in the next week or two and plays the rest of the season…..two the doctor does not release him to play until later in the season and he redshirts and comes back for a 5th season. Mono can be a funny thing and all you can do is rest and hope the virus goes away quickly but, it has been known to linger in people for weeks….

With the Stanford Band still on Super Double Secret Classified Probation it puts a serious dent on the available ammunition this week….hopefully they will screw up some time soon….

Stanford's quarterback play and that is good……

The Ugly:

The Mountain Goats going 4-0 against the Pac-10…. and going 7-1 overall for the weekend, this made the WAC look bad… the only saving grace was SJSU pummeled SDSU…..The WAC going 2-6 this past Saturday and other than the FSU vs. Wisc. Game nothing else was even close…in fact in the 6 losses the WAC lost 274 to 79 talk about getting WAC'd….Commissioner Benson has got to be drinking heavily somewhere….and it he isn't he should be….one word…..embarrassing!

Ben Mauk's attorney is considering an appeal of the judges ruling…..appeals are at 7 (6 with the NCAA and 1 with the courts) and counting

The Spartans special teams giving up 24 points in two games and counting…..the place kickers are personally responsible for 17 of these points….could you guys at least go one game with out gagging up some points……the offense got into the act by giving up 7 or do we blame the coaches for calling a stupid play deep in our territory…..knuckleheads….

A mediocre Notre Dame will be 4-1 in a few weeks and that is just plain ugly especially if it gets them into a BCS bowl game…..

On thee coaching scene this week Chuck Long went thermonuclear…..

Thermonuclear Club…could be vaporized any second

Tyrone Willingham …. got the kiss of death this week when the UW President told the fans to give Ty a break….If they hire the new AD before the season ends I expect Ty to be gone the following week….

Greg Robinson….an even better 0.189 win percentage at Syracuse…..might last through the end of the season but will be gone sooner or later

Chuck Long…..back to back season opening losses to Cal Poly…..two losses in row to SJSU…..Long will be gone by seasons end unless SDSU finishes at 0.500 or above for the season.

Napalm Club….spontaneous combustion upon contact

Hal Mumme…..never saw a defense that he liked or could coach…..the 3-3-5 went down in flames at Nebraska.

Brent Guy…..the lack of overall talent just is too much

Molotov Cocktail Club……..add gasoline and poof

Mike Sanford….. if he can follow up the upset of ASU with some wins he just might coach another season in Vegas.

Just when I was ready to start attending church on Sundays the 49ers and Raiders both win…..

Hope to see all of you at Snodfart Saturday for the Trees…..what the hell is a Cardinal?

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