The Good, Bad, and Ugly-Week #4 vs The Tree

The only good thing to come out of the Stanford game is the SJSU defense is still very good. The SJSU defense will shut down most of our conference foes. SJSU's path to a bowl game will be via road games this weekend at Hawaii, and continues through Idaho, NMSU, and Nevada. SJS then comes home to play WAC foes Utah St and La Tech. SJSU's O-line! Come on big fellas! Play 4 quarters of football!

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The Good:

The only good thing to come out of the Stanford game is the SJSU defense is still very good. The SJSU defense will shut down most of our conference foes.

Yonus Davis for going for over 2000 yards during his Spartan career.

Congrats to the Trees you won a good well fought game.

I loved the execution and result of the pitch option play the Spartans ran on Stanford in the first half.

How come it was only run once in the game?

SJSU's path to a bowl game will be on the road and starts this weekend in Hawaii and continues through Idaho, NMSU and Nevada and comes home to Utah St and LaTech. I am not saying the Spartans need to be perfect on the road but, they will need to be very close to perfect……The Spartans better become road warriors in a hurry or we will all be home for the holidays.

By the end of the year Brandon Rutley will have returned a kickoff for a touchdown or two…..

The non - BCS BCS Bowl Bid Derby….six teams and counting…..congratulations go out to Boise St. (I really thought they would fall at Oregon), Tulsa, BYU, Utah, TCU and Ball St. basically these teams have made it through the non-conference schedule and need to hold serve in their conferences. I hate to say it but you have to give a hearty congrats to the Mountain West Conference with three teams undefeated at this point.

Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson said last week the replay official in the Wisconsin-Fresno State game made a mistake when he overturned a fumble call during the third quarter. Benson added, "After reviewing video of the play with Jim Blackwood, WAC supervisor of football officials, we concluded there was not indisputable evidence. Thus, per NCAA rules the play should not have been overturned." So Karl when are you firing this jughead? Let's hope he does not show up at any SJSU games. Give Karl credit at least he has enough balls to make this call…..the PAC-10 could learn a lesson…. 27 teams remain unbeaten…..22.5% through week 4 of the season….that's a lot of unbeaten teams…..but then again the ACC and the SEC do not play anybody until the conference schedule starts.....

Congratulations to the rest of our WAC brothers, except Idaho, all of them won this past weekend. Chuck Long will most likely be unemployed by the end of the season….I wonder if Coach Tomey will hire him as a legit OC for the Spartans for next season….He did a fantastic job at Oklahoma as OC. For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 1 for 5 and now sits at 4 and 10 for the season last week was really bad and my mythical pocket book is now down $710. Iowa lost outright to Pitt, UCLA did not even get close to covering, Ohio St. could not cover, SJSU's kickers and coaches cost me a hundy and….Boise St won outright….. For this week I like the following games…..SDSU (-11) vs. Idaho @ SDSU take SDSU…..UW (-3.5) vs. Stanford @ UW take Stanford….Western Mich. (-3.5) vs. Temple @ Temple….take Western Mich….Arkansas St. vs. Memphis (-1) @ Memphis…take Arkansas St……as always bet at your own risk and consider the source….hell with my record you should be putting your money on Wall St. Just a note, there is no way in hell I touch the SJSU (+3.5) vs. Hawaii this week considering our kicking game….Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me……

Stanford may be good enough to get a bowl berth but I will not be making any bets on it….. On to Hawaii and speaking of the Warriors anybody check out their paltry offensive and defensive attack so far this season…..passing for a very pedestrian 213 yards per game, rushing for a paltry 83 yards per game on the defensive side they are giving up 151 yards per game rushing and 217 on passes. SJSU should have a significant advantage on defense. What does it all mean…not sure….but I do get the faint smell of blood in the water….

Boise St. and Fresno St. are venerable… is still a long road to the WAC title….

The Bad:

UNC-Charlotte chancellor requested that they start a football program at the FCS level with an eventual move to FBS level by 2013……number 121 and counting……

Syracuse has a QB controversy brewing…..give me a break….Syracuse is 1-3 and been blown out in three games and beat an FCS opponent….barely…..they have a full blown mutiny brewing and Greg Robinson needs to go ASAP!!!

All the teeth gnashing over whether Stanford ran the score up……if this is all you have to do then you need to get a life…..there is and was a lot more to be concerned about with this game… the Spartans O-line, field goals…I mean the lack of field goals and half time adjustments….wasn't SJSU's job to stop Stanford from scoring…..

SJSU's offensive play calling in the second half of the Stanford game……

Was it me or did SJSU not call a whole lot of blitzes against Stanford…..hmm….

SJSU's O-line…come on big fellas you need to play 4 quarters of football……

The score at Stanford is not indicative of how close this game was…..throw in two missed field goals by SJSU and two missed TD's to Richmond and SJSU would be rocking right now…..

I am also questioning Mr. Reed's pocket presence….I need more input to decide….. but against two good teams he has taken a lot of sacks and hits. I saw it at Stanford and many times he could not escape or failed to feel the pressure….this is one of those innate things you either have it or you don't…..then again the line could have done better too…

I actually sat down and watched the replay of the Utah St. vs. Idaho game on Sunday….man that was some bad football…..what a waste of 3+ hours I will never get back…..

Not one California JC in the JC top 20 poll this week….hopefully it will change….

With 25 teams having 3 losses and another 16 teams having 1 win after four weeks of the season they are pretty much out of bowl contention. That leaves 79 teams for 64 bowl slots…….NCAA might need to issue some special exemptions to have enough teams.

The Ugly:

The Spartans special teams giving up 30 points in four games and counting…..the place kickers are personally responsible for 23 of these points….could you guys at least go one game with out gagging up some points……I am declaring the kicking game an official federal disaster area and in need of serious help…..Tomey needs to send an open invitation to all HS kickers this fall to attend drills……

The Spartans blocking a Pritchard pass at the line and Pritchard catching the blocked ball and running for 25 yards……not only is it ugly but Pritchard gets a completion and a 25 yard reception on the same play……

Toby Gerhart is a junior…..oh boy SJSU gets to face him one more year….maybe SJSU could find a way to make him sick before next year's game…..nope he would still suit up and put a buck fifty on SJSU….

Reed missing a wide open Richmond three times against Stanford…..two of which would have yielded 14 points for the Spartans……

The new statue of Ernie Davis unveiled this week at Syracuse University… the major oops column…. the statue had Nike swooshes on the shoes and jersey and the helmet was nothing like the ones Davis played with in the late 1950's…..Syracuse and Nike are saying it was an honest mistake….sure…just like all the jackasses on Wall Street collecting millions and leaving the bill for the American tax payer….honest mistake my ass……

Under the taxpayer gets fleeced again heading….

Dallas taxpayers agreed to a $57 Million makeover of the Cotton Bowl and guess what they have no tenant to play games in the stadium……the annual tilt with Texas and Oklahoma is moving into Jerry Jones new palace 30 miles away….nice move folks you let the moron politicians fleece you again….sort of figures in football crazed Texas……

Hope to see all of you in a couple of weeks for the UTags…..could be a blowout of biblical proportions….

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