The Good, Bad, and The Ugly…Week #5 vs Hawaii

The Hawaii win gives the Spartans a ton of breathing room in getting eligible for a bowl game. Also this makes the game against Boise St as the 6th win clincher for the Spartans.Stay tuned it could be interesting. SJSU has some of the best talent in the WAC at defensive line, backfield and at the skill positions on the offense…now if we could get the offensive line straightened out! Utah St Next!

Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste and mine is totally wasted……so read at your own risk….

The Good:

SJSU has some of the best talent in the WAC at defensive line, backfield and at the skill positions on the offense…now if we could get the offensive line straightened out…..

Nothing better than beating the Rainbow Brites …..SJSU got last years theft back but we still owe the Brites two more…..If you have been around the Spartans for the last few years you know what I mean….Uncle Caj knows…..

Speaking of Uncle Caj……Hawaii losing to the Spartans and June Belle Jones new team at SMU going down again……on the same weekend…..maybe Uncle Caj got a little black magic bad mojo vibe going….I am also sure he sat on his porch Sunday morning in his favorite rocking chair, gun on his lap, coon dog at his feet and downed some Mr. Daniels savoring the sweetness of Saturday night…..

Strubeck hitting two for three on three long filed goals…..I could still see a bit of a hook on the place kicks but they are getting straighter….Nice job now keep it up…..

I said in an earlier article the Spartans defense would win 2-3 games this year….taking down the Rainbow Brites is win number 2 for the Spartan Defense……I may change my prediction and up that by 2-3 games……

A win is a win is a win is a win…..I will take them anyway I can get them……

The Hawaii win gives the Spartans a ton of breathing room in getting eligible for a bowl game……also this makes the game against Boise St as the 6th win clincher for the Spartans…..stay tuned it could be interesting….

6 turnovers in one game with 5 of them in the 2nd half and at home……I am sure Coach McMackin is wondering what the hell happened…….I would bet an adult beverage or two were consumed Saturday night by the Hawaii coaches….What's worse is Hawaii could easily be 1-7 by the end of October….in the next four weeks they go to Fresno St., home against La Tech, on the road against Boise St. and come home to face Nevada……

Spartan fans have this week off so they need to root for Notre Dame to beat Stanford….With Washington, Washington St. and UCLA effectively eliminated from bowl contention we need one more team in the Pac-10 to go down so it will free up an extra bowl spot for the WAC…I also think the MWC might have a problem getting 5 teams bowl eligible considering they get the BCS bowl bid for BYU or Utah then they have 4 other slots to fill. One goes to the loser of the BYU vs Utah tilt and TCU and Air Force look good to get eligible. That leaves UNLV, Colorado St, Wyoming, New Mexico or San Diego State to fill the last slot… could be very interesting…..could be two slots open up in the guaranteed bowl bids…..

We might be looking at two BCS bowl busters this season Utah/BYU and Boise St…..

Nebraska taking VaTech to the wire…..Nebraska came back from a 28 to 13 deficit at home to lose 35-30….Nebraska is going to cause some trouble, some time, some where in the Big 12 this year……

For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 3 out of 4 and now sits at 7 and 11 for the season last week was good and my mythical pocket book is now down $550. Stanford, SDSU and W. Michigan all covered and Arkansas St. lost outright. Not a bad weekend and it started moving the pocket book in the positive direction. This week I like the following games As always bet at your own risk and consider the source….Hawaii (+22.5) @ Fresno St…..enticing line because FSU offense is not that good and Hawaii's defense is good…..take Hawaii and the 22.5. Nevada (-24.5) @ Idaho take Nevada. Stanford (+7.5) @ Notre Dame take Notre Dame. Washington (+21) @ Arizona take Arizona.

I had a better week than Wall St last week but that is not saying much…..

The Bad:

La Tech is on the road the next two weeks against Boise St and Hawaii….tough couple of back to back roadys for the Bulldogs……

WAC refs missing a bunch of calls against Hawaii….

Nevada winning against UNLV and just shredding them on the ground….It narrows the 3rd bowl spot in the WAC to SJSU and Nevada….

Another raging controversy at the University of Idaho…to go with the football players game day pants….cheerleader outfits that were considered to revealing …"The previous uniforms didn't flatter every member of the team, and some girls said their outfits were uncomfortable", said Shelly Robson, an adviser to the spirit squad…. or was it…."A number of fans were concerned that the uniforms were inappropriate," said Bruce Pitman, dean of students…..the double speak coming out of UI makes Bush and his boys look like rank amateurs….. this could only happen in a state that has skin heads, Neo Nazi's and survivalists amongst its population……sort of figures in Idaho or is it because they have a horrible football team and any press is good press?

There are 34 bowls this year with 68 teams needed to fill all those bowl games. The NCAA has mandated that teams need to be at or above the 0.500 mark to get a bowl invite or 6 wins. Through week 5 of the season there are 32 teams with one win or less out of 119 FBS teams. I figure all of these teams will have tough time winning 5 or 6 games out of 7 to 8 games left to play. That only leaves a margin of error of 19 teams before bowl slots cannot be filled. Currently there are 31 teams with only 2 wins……to quote "Houston I think we have a problem"…..

The coach's hot seat watch added some members this week….

Thermonuclear Club…could be vaporized any second

Tyrone Willingham & Greg Robinson ….no explanation needed for these two…

Chuck Long…..maybe SJSU can hire him as an OC next year

Robb Akey……will Idaho ever get out of the WAC basement.

Hal Mumme….. bad loss to arch rival New Mexico however, Phil Steele likes this team….

Napalm Club….spontaneous combustion upon contact

Phil Fulmer…..the Volunteers are restless

Sylvester Croom…..5 years at Miss. St. and only one year has resulted in a winning season……

Molotov Cocktail Club……..add gasoline and poof

Brent Guy…..will need to finish 0.500 or better to keep his job….

Mike Price……UTEP is bad and it looks like Mr. Price will be looking for work

Joe Glenn……The Goats may have as many job openings as the WAC by season's end….

The Ugly:

The Spartans special teams giving up 33 points in five games and counting…..the place kickers are personally responsible for 26 of these points….could you guys at least go one game with out gagging up some points….add the offensive line to the disaster list…..

How about this for a genius…… Syracuse AD Dr. Daryl Gross said Monday that the Orange football team has yet to show the "obvious progress" necessary for Greg Robinson to remain as football coach beyond this season……duh….. and you have a Phd….talk about overstating the obvious…….USC should take the Phd back….

The ugly WAC fact of the week goes to USU, Idaho and NMSU combined since 2005 they have gone a whopping 26-93 and 13-79 in the WAC….also they have one combined win against SJSU….it was USU in 2005 at Logan…..

Idaho losing big to San Diego State and NMSU going down to New Mexico…..however Utah State did not lose last week end but, then again they did not play anyone….they had a bye…..

Hope to see all of you in a couple of weeks for the UTags…..could be a blowout of biblical proportions….

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