The Good, Bad, and The Ugly-Week 6 vs Utah St

The Good: Hawaii beating Fresno St in the dog pound! It put a smile on my face! It's the upset of the year so far in the WAC. The Spartans control their own destiny in the WAC, and the bowl picture for the Spartans got a little bit better this past weekend. Hawaii beating Fresno State puts the dogs on their collective heals. The dogs will get going again Vs Idaho this weekend at the pound.

Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste and mine is totally wasted……so read at your own risk….

The Good:

Hawaii beating Fresno St in the dog pound….it put a smile on my face…Upset of the year so far in the WAC….

The Spartans control their own destiny in the WAC…..

Utah St defense is giving up over 40 points per game…..

Utah St. offense is not bad and has shown they can move the ball but, the defense is pretty bad and that should be the difference in the game with SJSU. USU is giving up 436 yards/game and almost 6 yards/play to the opposition. SJSU is giving up 287 yards/game and under 5 yards/play. In turnovers USU is -2 and SJSU is +6 so far this season. A stat that is skewed for USU is total offense and rushing offense, why because they picked up 366 on the ground in the Idaho game. Take that game away and they average 265 yards/ game in total offense.

The bowl picture for the Spartans got a little bit better this past weekend. Hawaii beating Fresno St. puts the dogs on their collective heals however they should get going against Idaho this weekend at the dog pound. Stanford losing at Notre Dame helps a bunch along with Arizona St. losing to Cal. The Pac-10 is in serious danger of only getting 5 teams bowl eligible. In the FBS division there are 18 teams with one win or less and 33 teams with two wins for a total of 51 teams. This year there are 64 bowl slots to fill from the 119 teams eligible, that leaves a cushion of 5 teams if you consider all of the 1 and 2 loss teams will not qualify.

For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 3 out of 4 and now sits at 10 and 12 for the season last week was good and my mythical pocket book is now down $360. Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona all covered and Notre Dame did not. The betting has been good the last couple of weeks maybe I can get back to even money this week.

This week I like the following La Tech (+7) @ Hawaii take Hawaii, Arizona @ Stanford (+6) take Arizona, New Mexico St.(+19) @ Nevada take Nevada and Air Force @ San Diego St (+9.5) take Air Force.

Jurovich will redshirt if he cannot play in the Utah St. game

Ball St. being ranked for the first time ever…..congratulations to Ball St…..somewhere David Letterman is smiling….. La Tech is a very young team with an up and coming young coach……a deadly combination for the other WAC teams….

The Bad:

If SJSU losses Jurovich for the season to mono…

The Wisconsin Marching Band being put on the Stanford Marching Band Double Secret Probation. Stanford must have infected Wisconsin when they where in South Bend this past weekend. The high jinx includes booze, hazing and sexual misconduct…..leave it to a bunch of college kids….what ever happened to a good old getting wasted on drugs and alcohol….

With Hawaii wining at Fresno St. they could be on a path to secure the Hawaii Bowl berth. The rule is they have to be bowl eligible to get the slot which means they need to get 7 wins on a 13 game schedule. The remaining schedule includes home games against La Tech, Nevada, Idaho, Wash. St. And Cincy and road games against Boise St., Utah St. and New Mexico St. Hawaii is currently 2-3 and need 5 wins in the remaining 8 games very doable if you figure they win 3 out of 5 at home (La Tech, Idaho and WSU) and win 2 of 3 on the road (USU and NMSU). Every game is critical and they got back in race this past weekend. This could narrow the bowl slots in the WAC to two for four other teams (SJSU, Nevada, Boise St. and Fresno St.).

OJ being convicted and Lawrence Phillips getting 10 years in the can….

Georgetown vs. Colgate game being called because of an outbreak of norovirus at Georgetown…..several football players have been exposed…..I guess having crappers on the sidelines was out of the question…..

The Pac-10 conference spurning offers from the WAC, Big 12, MWC and Big East to work together on officiating of games…..for a bunch of people that claim their schools are some of the best academically this was a pretty stupid move…..Notre Dame vs. Stanford and Washington vs. BYU are just the latest examples of the stupidity……

Coach Harbaugh of Stanford being reprimanded for going off on the ref's in the Notre Dame game…..maybe the Pac-10 could reprimand itself for having such lousy Ref's… not get me wrong Harbaugh is a first class punk but, this from a league that is considered one of the best is just plain idiotic……

The Ugly:

Idaho is a really ugly football team I watched the game against Nevada and the Vandals have shown a propensity for losing that is unimaginable…..

Fresno St turning over thee ball 6 times to Hawaii and having the game winning field goal miss twice….go figure….

Pat Hill will cost his team another loss or two this year…..too bad because Fresno has a good team maybe one of Hill's better but, they blew there chances against Hawaii.

The Spartans special teams giving up 33 points in five games and counting…..the place kickers are personally responsible for 26 of these points….could you guys at least go one game with out gagging up some points….add the offensive line to the disaster list…..hey the special teams did not give up any points last week and the O-Line did not give up any sacks……then again they did not play a game last week….

Too many injuries in college football this year…..some have been career ending…..tough game being played at incredible speed…..

I still do not have my All Sports Media Guide from the folks at SJSU…..7 weeks and counting……

Pac-10 referees are at it again and they cost another Pac-10 team a shot at victory in the ND vs. Stanford tilt….at least they have evened the score with the non-conference teams…..

Hope to see all of you on Saturday for the UTags…..could be a blowout of biblical proportions….

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