SJS and BSU Showdown with WAC title in reach!

It does not get much better than this for the WAC. SJSU and Boise St are both undefeated in conference play and Boise St is undefeated overall. This could be the WAC title game for the season. The two best defenses in the conference square it up on a nationally broadcast game. I am going with SJSU to pull the upset and send the Bronco's to the glue factory. SJSU wins by 10 in a complete game.

The Good:

This just in the WAC signs a contingency deal with Poinsettia Bowl for the Pac-10 spot. The commish is working the phone lines, good job Karl….now go get one more deal signed….you'll need it…..

The Spartans continue to control their own destiny in the WAC…..

Almost 21,000 fans showed up in Las Cruces their 2nd biggest crowd this year…..

The biggest game in Spartaville in recent memory is this Friday evening……. If you do not show up for this one on Friday you are a fool.

Spartans are 3-0 in the WAC for the first time in history……good stuff

Kyle Flynn's 90 yard interception return for a TD was just plain good……and the second longest in Spartans history….congratulations Spartan…

SJSU offense pounding the rock down NMSU's throat……

SJSU defense stopping NMSU vaunted running attack….

SJSU is now 8-0 in Las Cruces…..

SJSU has won the last 5 games played in the State of New Mexico

SJSU is 3-0 against Aggies this year…..will they go 2-0 against the Bulldogs?

The longest run play for the Aggies was by their punter on a fake punt…..

SJSU's defense gave up only its 3rd passing TD this season in the game against the Aggies……

SJSU's Special Teams finally did not gag up any points and in fact had two big returns and fumble recovery to set up two touchdowns for the offense against the Aggies……good job gentlemen now do it two weeks in row……

Boise St. running game and special teams is still sputtering…..O-line looks to be average…..could be the difference for the Silicon Sack Attack…..

SJSU opens up the play book this Friday…….finally…..

Mr. and Mrs. Inenacho got any more boys that want to play football for SJSU? Duke leads the nation in INT's and Carl leads the nation in tackles for a loss.

For the betting crowd, Choker ended up 2 out of 2 and now sits at 14 and 16 for the season last week was ok and my mythical pocket book is now down $400. Hawaii and Penn St. covered and Air Force and Stanford did not cover. Another neutral week in betting the college games…..

For this week we are going with an all WAC special….. Boise St @ SJSU (+8.5) take the Spartans, Fresno St. @ Utah St (+17) take the Bulldogs, La Tech @ Army (-1.5) take the Bulldogs, NMSU @ Idaho (+15) take the Aggies and Nevada @ Hawaii (+3.5) take Hawaii….again and as always bet at your own risk…

The Bad:

SJSU's passing offense was pretty bad against NMSU…..I did not see one pass to the flats….Nevada killed NMSU in the flats….

Why can't Kyle Reed roll out to the outside against a pass rush instead of stepping up into the pocket?

Spartans had one toss and one reception for 5 yards to the TE's in the NMSU game……pitiful…..

The SJSU passing game was so bad that the NMSU passing defense is now rated #2 in the nation against the pass……that's not right…..

NMSU has some very good DB's and LB's that can cover well plus they play a 3-4-4 on defense……some of these guys will be on the all WAC team by the end of the season….they will also make it tough on some other teams in the WAC.

Boise St has an offense that statically is pretty good by all standards……could make the difference Friday night……

SJSU not getting any WAC POW's this week…...

The Spartans coming into the biggest game of the last few years with an offense not hitting on all cylinders…..201 total yards against NMSU….

The biggest question that remains is will SJSU get a sell out against Boise St….it should not even be a question a few days before the game…..hell it should not even be a question with all the SJSU Alumni that live in the area…..

The Bowl Bid Death Watch 64 slots and only 119 teams… of my last count this Sunday morning I figure 54 teams will not make it to 6-6 leaving only a one team margin for filling all the slots. If the WAC gets 4 or 5 and maybe 6 teams eligible I believe they will get them all seated in a bowl game. It is a razor thin margin right now and things could change dramatically in the next few weeks. On another note 16 teams are bowl eligible with 6 or 7 wins as of this past weekend and 9 have been eliminated from bowl consideration by having 6 or 7 losses.

The Ugly:

A win is a win is a win but, other than the SDSU and Utah St. games the rest have been wins that looked pretty bad… not get me wrong I will keep every one of them……

The NMSU run defense is not good because the Aggies four leading tacklers are three DB's and a LB……

Only 55 offensive plays against NMSU……the lowest total of the season……

This Friday could be ugly with two very good defenses lining it up…..think the under…..maybe we can score the game on sacks and turnovers they will probably be higher than the actual score….

3 interceptions by Kyle Reed a really bad stat….

The Spartan's Special Teams get the credit for the victory against NMSU…..a turnover, a long kick off return and a long punt return……great stuff… the offense a short field and 17 points…..

The Spartans offense is truly offensive… is last in the WAC in total offense…and 101 out of 119 teams in FBS football…..

SJ Monkey News coverage of SJSU…..continues to get worse and it has no excuses…..all of you drop your subscriptions……now…..

The WAC bowl watch is a bit clearer this week so here are my current predictions:

Utah St and Idaho are done for the year ….. that was easy and leaves 7 teams.

La Tech is 3-3 overall, 1-2 in the WAC and has 6 games to play against @ Army, SJSU and NMSU and homeys against Fresno St., Utah St. and Nevada. I should beat Army and Utah St and beyond that it gets iffy at best. I predict that they lose against SJSU and Fresno St and Nevada They might beat NMSU if they can control the ball and run on the Aggies. So the NMSU game on November 22nd is pivotal for the Bulldogs. Right now I say they lose to NMSU and go 5-7 and just miss getting bowl eligible. Six teams left and counting.

NMSU is 3-3 overall, 1-1 in the WAC and has 6 games to play against @ Idaho, Fresno St. and Utah St. and homeys against Boise St., Hawaii and La Tech. NMSU can beat Idaho, Utah St. and La Tech and might just be able to pull one out against Hawaii. I say they get to 6-6 and barely bowl eligible but a loss to Idaho or Utah St will doom the season. NMSU just might get to 7-5 but that is a tall order.

Fresno St is 4-2 overall, 1-1 in the WAC and has 6 games to play against @ Utah St., La Tech, SJSU and Boise St. and homeys against Nevada and New Mexico State. Fresno St. will beat Utah St., La Tech and NMSU. I view the Nevada game at Home and the SJSU game on the road as pivotal to the Bulldogs. I do not see them beating Boise St on the smurf turf. Fresno will at least get to 7-5 and probably 8-4 and maybe 9-3. I think they lose at least two more and go 8-4 overall and 6-2 in the WAC. They go bowling but the WAC Championship drought continues in Fresno.

Hawaii is 3-4 overall, 2-2 in the WAC and has 6 games to play against @ Utah St and NMSU and homeys against Nevada, Idaho, Cincy and Washington St. Hawaii should beat Idaho, Utah St. and Washington St. to get to 6 wins. They will need to either beat Nevada at home or NMSU on the road to get the 7th win needed to get bowl eligible. I think Hawaii will get the needed win this weekend against Nevada. So I see Hawaii getting the Hawaii Bowl bid and going 7-5 for the season.

Nevada is 4-3 overall, 2-1 in the WAC and has 5 games to play against @ Hawaii, Fresno St. and La Tech. and homeys against Boise St. and SJSU. The only game they should win is against La Tech and the only game they should lose is against Boise St. Hawaii, SJSU and Fresno St. are all games that are winnable. I do think Nevada loses to Hawaii and SJSU but finds a way to beat Fresno St. in the dog pound. Thus I have Nevada pegged at 6-6 overall and bowl eligible but because of there loss to NMSU they don't get an invite.

Boise St. is 6-0 overall, 2-0 in the WAC and has 6 games to play against @ SJSU, NMSU, Idaho and Nevada and homeys against Fresno St. and Utah St. they win the two home games and should beat NMSU, Idaho and Nevada. This leaves the game with SJSU this weekend as the only question mark on an otherwise perfect season. The only reason I have the SJSU game as a question mark is because of the two outstanding defenses playing each other. I give a slight edge to SJSU but this game should be decided by 10 or less points. I just have one of those feelings that SJSU pulls the upset and Boise St goes 11-1 overall and 8-1 in the WAC. They do go bowling but, not BCS style this year.

SJSU is 5-2 overall and 3-0 in the WAC and has 5 games to play @ Idaho and Nevada and homeys against BSU, La Tech and Fresno St. SJSU should beat Idaho and La Tech to get the 7 wins for bowl eligibility. I am going to go out on a limb and say they run the table and go 10-2 overall and 8-0 in the WAC. Yes the defense is that good and yes it will be sweet to put away the WAC title against the Bulldogs from Fresno.

In summary I am projecting 6 teams in the WAC are bowl eligible, they are Boise St., SJSU, Fresno St., NMSU, Hawaii and Nevada. Commissioner Karl may have a tough time finding enough slots for all 6 teams. I also expect the Pac 10 to have at least one bowl slot go unfilled it not two. The WAC gets at least one slot in San Diego, the trouble brews when the other bowl that might go wanting is the Hawaii bowl. I saw one prediction that had SJSU vs. Stanford in the Hawaii Bowl. My best guess is that if SJSU wins out they go to Boise to play an ACC team, most likely Miami or Clemson, Boise St would most likely go to the GMAC over a 3rd place MAC team and most likely play Marshall, NMSU gets the New Mexico Bowl and most likely will face Air Force, Hawaii will get the Hawaii Bowl Bid and most likely face Stanford, Fresno St. would more than likely get the contingency spot to the Poinsettia Bowl and face New Mexico. I am projecting a 6-6 Nevada does not get an invite mostly due to a loss to NMSU. However it must be tempered against a bowl landscape that needs 64 teams this year. My suspicion is that several 6-6 teams may be playing in bowl games this year one of them might be a team from the WAC.

Hell, in a week it could all change…..

This Week in the WAC

WAC Game of the Week is Boise St @ SJSU

It does not get much better than this for the WAC. SJSU and Boise St are both undefeated in conference play and Boise St is undefeated overall. This could be the WAC title game for the season. The two best defenses in the conference square it up on a nationally broadcast game. I expect this to be a low scoring affair between these two teams. One glaring issue is the Boise St. win over Oregon earlier in the season. Looking at the stats from that game and Oregon's overall stats for the season one has to wonder if this was as big a win as thought earlier. I have a feeling that SJSU's defense contains the Broncos and Kyle Reed bounces back from a paltry performance against NMSU. I also expect big things from the other SJSU skill players on offense and special teams. One other factor I expect to see is the play book getting a workout in this game. Boise St will be looking at stuff they have not seen on film all season long from the Spartans. The Spartans will keep the Boise St defense guessing all game long. I am going with SJSU to pull the upset and send the Bronco's to the glue factory. SJSU wins by 10 in a complete game victory.

WAC non-conference game of the Week is La Tech @ Army

These are two teams that will put you to sleep with all the running they do during this game. Army has an advantage in total defense but, La Tech has a better rushing defense. I also expect La Tech to throw just enough to keep Army off balance. I also give Army an advantage in the discipline category. The military teams just do not make mistakes. This game will be close but, I believe La Tech wins this one by 3-7 points.

WAC Blow out of the Week is Fresno St. @ Utah St.

Utah St. is a bad team with bad coaching and poor execution on the field. Fresno St. is an OK team and they execute most of the time. Both teams have been mediocre throwing the ball this year. The biggest difference will be Fresno St. running the ball down USU's throat. USU is giving up 192.29 yards per game on the ground and Fresno St. is rushing for 226.0 yards per game. They other big difference is on scoring defense with USU giving up more than 10 points more per game than Fresno St. I expect Fresno to really work the clock and run the vast majority of the time. Fresno may work on their passing game in the second half. I also expect that Pat Hill is not pleased with the Hawaii and Idaho games and may work his first stringers longer than normal thus adding to the woes of the Utags. I have the Bulldogs winning this one by 17 or more.

WAC critical game of the Week is Nevada @ Hawaii

These two teams both need wins for a bowl berth; Nevada is slightly more desperate than Hawaii. The biggest difference is Nevada is putting up almost 40 points per game and Hawaii is only getting about 20 per game. The Hawaii vaunted air attack has been missing in action all season long. Nevada has no pass defense and this is where they are weakest but it is also where Hawaii has struggled. The good news for Hawaii is Nevada has a good rushing defense but, Hawaii does not run the ball too much. You also have to factor in that Hawaii is pretty tough on the rock. Dating back to the 2000 season Nevada has not won at Hawaii (0-4). I give Hawaii an edge in this game and predict the Warriors win by 3-7 points.

WAC ugly game of the Week is NMSU @ Idaho

Idaho is bad in every phase of the game but especially bad at stopping the passing game. NMSU is very good in the passing game so it sets this game up as a pretty bad match up. I also believe that NMSU has some pretty good LB's & DB's after what they did to SJSU last week in the passing game. Idaho might get in a few good rushing plays against the Aggies. NMSU has the advantage on both scoring offense (+ 15 points) and scoring defense (+8 points). All this leads to the Aggies having just enough running game and a lot of air game to make Idaho look silly. I expect the Aggies to get back on track for a bowl run against the Vandals. Aggies go big over the Vandals by 17 or more.

Hope to see all of you on Friday at Spartaville for the Donkeys from Spud U…..

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