What we've got here is failure to communicate

The old 1967 movie, "Cool Hand Luke", comes to mind when thinking about last nights season ending debacle versus rival, Fresno State. So, what we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he (Arroyo) wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you fans of Sparta do either.

What we have here is a rivalry game that most people in the western half of the USA deem as true.

However, Fresno State fans now view SJSU as a pesky step sister that they love to simply "shut up" with a little slap up-side the helmet.

"We would love to have a chance to play again, but I'm not going to hold my breath," Spartans coach Dick Tomey said.

Spartans cornerback Chris Owens said there was no talk of bowls in the locker room after the game.

"It's just an empty feeling," Owens said.

And here we are with yet another loss to the hands of them thar dirty dogs from the South.

It's becoming a family tradition at SJSU!

In light of another heart breaking loss to Fresno State, the following comes to mind from the 1967 classic, Cool hand Luke"...

"Them clothes got laundry numbers on them.

You remember your number and always wear the ones that has your number. Any man forgets his number spends a night in the box. These here spoons you keep with you.

Any man loses his spoon spends a night in the box. There's no playing grab-ass or fighting in the building.

You got a grudge against another man, you fight him Saturday afternoon.

Any man playing grab-ass or fighting in the building spends a night in the box. First bell's at five minutes of eight when you will get in your bunk.

Last bell is at eight. Any man not in his bunk at eight spends the night in the box. There is no smoking in the prone position in bed. To smoke you must have both legs over the side of your bunk. Any man caught smoking in the prone position in bed... spends a night in the box.

You get two sheets. Every Saturday, you put the clean sheet on the top... the top sheet on the bottom... and the bottom sheet you turn in to the laundry boy. Any man turns in the wrong sheet spends a night in the box.

No one'll sit in the bunks with dirty pants on. Any man with dirty pants on sitting on the bunks spends a night in the box.

Any man don't bring back his empty pop bottle spends a night in the box.

Any man loud talking spends a night in the box.

You got questions, you come to me. I'm Coach Tomey, the floor walker. I'm responsible for order in here.

Any man don't keep order spends a night in...the box".

This is the kind of discipline that is needed by Coach Tomey moving forward, and anything else will bring the fans of SJSU more disappointment.

To hell with the "defensive" minded, and "conservative" offense play calling (I prefer to call it "offensive") next year.

The offense needs a MAJOR overhaul, and Tomey needs to make some major changes and balance his high wire defensive act, with a similar and enticing offensive minded scheme moving forward.

The plays called by Marcus Arroyo are dumb founding at times, and inconsistent at best.

Why punt the ball back to Fresno when we are down late in the third quarter, and the defense was spent tireless? The odds were very low that the defense would create yet another turnover at that point, so why not simply go for it?

Hey Coach!

Put the headphones back on, and start directing this team yourself!

And if you cannot direct this team efficiently on your own, well, we have more issues at hand that what appears.

Did you know that Fresno State did not record its first 1st down until midway through the second quarter?

Did you also know that Fresno State lost the turnover battle 3 to 1. Tom Brandstater had his worst performance this season finishing just 5-of-18 for 71 yards with one interception, and yet SJSU finds a way to squander away another winnable game.

And why did we revert from our first half success on offense, and change things in the second half you ask?

Those passes to David Avilla where WORKING, and why not turn Yonus Davis 100% loose along with Rutley in regards to the running game?

The trick pass play of Rutley to David Richmond was fun and all, but where was the dynamic duo of Rutley and Davis pounding the ball like Fresno did to SJSU with their ailing backs?

How about when we are up 10-3, and we had a chance to sock it to the dogs, and we go for a field goal, and it is shanked by Strubeck?

Strubeck missed TWO field goals matter of fact!

He was able to tie Joe Nedney for the school record, but was shaky and inconsistent when it mattered "again".

And Flynn was indeed able to direct the team better than Eden or Reed ever did all season long, but his passes where WAY off target, and were overthrown to the recievers by a country mile.

Tomey I think actually thought that if he could take a 13-3 lead, that it would hold up for the win. This defense minded crap only goes so far.

You have to have some offense, and we have NONE.

Fresno State Coach, Pat Hill, was reluctant to repeat what he told his team at halftime to get them charged up to defeat the Spartans yet again.

"You wouldn't respect me in the morning if I told you," he said.

Face it, Tomey's recruits are not panning out, and the 2006 NM bowl were all Hill recruits with studs like James Jones, John Broussard, and Adam Tafralis.

Tomey has turned us into the best .500 team in the WAC, but that get's us nada, and this loss will hurt us in the recruiting fronts as we have now lost on nationwide ESPN TV to Boise and Fresno at home.

What kid watching tonight would now consider SJSU when he can play for a contender like Fresno, Boise, or even UNR?

Next year we get to watch the "guess the rotating QB carousel", and a good defense all over again.

More of the same on tap for 2009 it appears.

And one last thing.

Why do we have all of these players dressed in street clothes on the sidelines?

They are an obvious distraction to the team. I even saw some of these guys telling players what to do, and the Coaches coming over to them and telling them to pipe down.

One Coach looked at one of these players in street clothes, and pointed towards the stands, and told him to go sit up there!

Well, that about sums up my recap of another disappointing loss and a season full of hope and support down the tubes.

What else can I say besides that I hope and pray that SJSU does not get invited to a bowl game.

I would rather have a 6-6 record, versus a 6-7 record at this juncture. A bowl game would only be worth playing if we had a realistic chance of winning.

And after losing 4 of the last 5 games (some to mediocre teams), I'd have to bet that the odds of winning a bowl game are slim.

If you feel different, please let me know so that I may attempt to set you straight, or at least help you to avoid any further heart ache.

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