SJSU stadium field turf installation begins.

After the SJSU football team finished the 08 season, the field at Spartan Stadium is finally getting a makeover. The facility upgrades are mind boggling for SJSU fans, as never before has so much happened to the stadium in SJSU Athletics history. Well, nothing really has happened to the actual stadium itself, but there have been past improvements such as the Garcia Hall of Champions. (MORE)

After the SJSU football team finished the 2008 season, the field at Spartan Stadium is finally getting a makeover.

SJSU is replacing the grass at the stadium with FieldTurf, said Tony Valenzuela, associate vice president of facility development and operations at SJSU.

Before the SJSU-Hawaii football game last October, June Jones, the former coach of the University of Hawaii, referred to the field as "atrocious" and "an embarrassment for a Division I field," according to the San Jose Mercury News.

FieldTurf will help keep financial costs down, as it saves money in the long run because the grounds crew doesn't have to cut it or paint lines every week, Valenzuela said.

The new field will require less maintenance, but Valenzuela said members of the current grounds crew workers do not have to worry about losing their jobs.

"The grounds team will have more time to dedicate to the rest of campus," he said.

He said first, the topsoil has to be removed along with the current drainage system. After that, the field is filled with base rock, and a dewatering system will be installed to drain the field during inclement weather. After all those steps have been completed, the turf carpet will be laid.

(You can view recent pics that were submitted to us of the project on the message boards on this site).

At a QB Club meeting held on October 8th, 2008, Tom Bowen stated that field turf construction would begin in 2009.

Quotations were requested around June of this year for qualified DVBE/SBE subcontractors and material suppliers.

The actual bid date was June 10th, 2008 @ 2:00PM.

The pre-bid walkthrough was held on April 24th and bids were due on May 22nd of this year.

Sub-Trades needed requested were of the following:

Concrete Curb & Sidewalk-Misc, Demolition, Electrical, Erosion control, Landscaping, Lime Treatment, Staking and Trucking.

Top Grade Construction of Livermore made the formal request of all sub contractors for the project.

More updates to follow on this site, so stay tuned.

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