Arroyo to Wyoming, and now Morton to CAL?

Sources tell us that offensive coordinator and line coach, Steve Morton, is leaving SJSU and is potentially heading to CAL. It appears that a complete overhual of the SJSU offense is now under way, and a cultural metamorphosis is on slate for 2009.

Steve Morton completed his fourth season at San Jose State and his 34th season coaching at the NCAA collegiate level, and the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at SJS.

He completed his third season as the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at SJSU this year.

The offense struggled under both Arroyo and Morton, so a potential move to CAL for Morton does not come as a shock.

Arroyo has officially accepted the position as offensive coach at Wyoming, so it appears that changes are under way in regards to the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball.

The bigger question is whom will replace both of these coaches for the 2009 season, and will there be enough time to instill a new offensive scheme before the first ball is snapped in 2009?

We shall soon find out...

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