Welcome to Inside Sparta

Welcome to Inside Sparta - Your San Jose State Sports Authority. We are proud to be a part of the Spartan family and will strive to bring you the finest in SJSU sports coverage. Check out what's in store for you!

Some names you know, some you will get to know. We're still in development but here is just a small sampling of what we have planned to present to you:

- Team Coverage of football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey
- Recruiting coverage for football and basketball.
- In-depth commentary on all aspects of SJSU sports.
- During the football and basketball seasons we'll bring you analysis of the games.
- Premium content only available to subscribers of Inside Sparta.
- And lots, lots more...

Your team consists of:

Don Hoekwater - SJSU '06. Don brings extensive experience covering college and high school athletics as well as recruiting. Don will also cover the SJSU Hockey team.

Mike Morgan - SJSU '84. Mike has been following SJSU recruiting for many years. He brings a wealth of knowledge so pay attention!

Phil Paulson - SJSU '85. Many of you know Phil from his board at Philsboard.com. Phil brings the experience of being a board owner along with a passion for SJSU sports. He'll be covering the Southern California scene for us.

Kevin McCarthy - The folks at Spartan Hoops will be contributing their extensive knowledge and coverage of all things related to SJSU Basketball. We're excited to have them on board.

Don Starks - Bozar is our resident baseball expert. He brings a wealth of hardball experience as both a coach and scout.

Spartan fans, bring your comments and questions about the team, and what we bring you, to the message boards found here!

We're glad to be a part of this great Spartan group, and excited that you're here to be a part of it! Pass the word!

Go Spartans! Go Inside Sparta!

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