Is QB Anthony Williams an SJSU target?

As Inside Sparta seeks out the legitimate recruiting targets of San Jose State, it is imperative to wade through the many stories to find out who is really is a target, and who is only hoping to catch the attention of the SJSU staff. Inside Sparta spoke on Tuesday with quarterback Anthony Williams of Enterprise High School in Redding, Calif., to find out in which column he belonged.

The City of Redding is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains at the far northern end of the famed California Central Valley. While it is the largest city in the area, it is still far from the major metropolitan areas of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay. In such a hidden region a high school football player looking to get noticed by Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I) schools needs to be a bit more proactive in getting his name out to coaching staffs. So, when stories started popping up that Enterprise High School quarterback Anthony Williams had an interest in San Jose State, Inside Sparta went right to the source to see where things stood.

"I haven't received anything from the San Jose State coaches, like letters or calls or anything like that," Williams said. "I've gotten some mail from Washington State, Penn, and some other schools back east."

It is still very early in the recruiting season and often times high school kids enjoy being high school kids and have other things going on in their lives. "I play basketball, and now I'm running track," he said. "That keeps me busy and I haven't been able to get to any camps or visit schools. Everything is so far and things usually conflict with an event I have on the weekend."

So what is it about San Jose State, a campus that is almost 250 miles from his current school? As a 3.5 grade-point-average student academics were the first thing that came to mind. "It's one of the top schools in California so I know I'd get a good education," he said. "They also play a lot of schools I'd like to play against like Stanford and Boise State, but they aren't really too far from home. Not like schools in Southern California."

With such a busy schedule Williams said he hasn't had a chance to get film together to send to schools, so many coaches aren't yet aware of a player that passed for over 1000-yards and ran for almost 500, and scored 13 touchdowns during his junior campaign. "I will start getting some tape out and hitting the combines and camps when track is over," he said.

Williams described himself as both a runner and a passer, but prefers a running offense. "We play a run-first to set up the pass type of offense," he said. "I do prefer to run and would like to be in an offense that runs a spread."

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