Outlook For 2010 SJSU football recruiting

It's not too early to for us to look at the position needs for the San Jose State football recruiting Class of 2010. Inside Sparta Editor Mike Morgan breaks down the areas that were filled in the 2009 class, and where the Spartans' staff may be searching to fill its current voids.

It's said that planning for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena begins annually on January 2, the day immediately following the Rose Bowl and Parade held on New Year's Day. College football recruiting is much the same. Not only is the recruiting process for next year in full swing the day following National Letter-Of-Intent Day, often, the recruiting for the next year begins well before the class of the current year have even applied ink to their letters. Thus, it's not too early to for us to think about the recruiting class of 2010 for San Jose State Football.

Looking over the Spartans current roster for 2009, it becomes clear that some positions are light on freshman and sophomores, and loaded with juniors and seniors. It would be expected that the San Jose State coaching staff would be looking to fill those positions that are light on underclassmen. The few names that have become available to us would seem to support that expectation.

The defensive backfield is not expected to be an area of need for 2010. There are currently five sophomores and three freshmen on the roster at the cornerback position. At safety, the roster shows two sophomores and four freshmen. The defensive line, with a total of six freshmen at either defensive tackle or defensive end is also not an area in immediate need of high school recruits. That is not to say that the SJSU coaches would not be interested in recruiting those positions. If they have the chance to land a superior athlete, they'll take him, regardless of positions of need.

With three seniors, one junior, and only one freshmen, quarterback is an area that the Spartans will likely be looking hard at for 2010. A couple of names have surfaced as possible recruits, but, upon further investigation by Inside Sparta, it appears that neither Andrew Lachelt of Ontario (Calif.) Christian, nor Anthony Williams of Enterprise High School in Redding, Calif., are serious candidates at this time.

Wide Receiver could also be an area in need of freshman infusion. It is believed that only three of the underclassmen at the receiver spot are currently on scholarship. With SJSU expected to continue running a spread offense attack, the pipeline of wide receivers will to continue to flow. This year, SJSU only signed one freshman WR (Noel Grigsby of LA Crenshaw). Thus far, only one name has surfaced as a potential target for 2010, Jalen Saunders from Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, Calif.

It's believed that the position SJSU coaches will put a lot of effort into recruiting in 2010 is at running back. Sophomore Brandon Rutley is the only underclassman running back on scholarship, and SJSU did not sign a freshman running back as part of the 2009 class. The only two known offers for 2010 that SJSU has extended have both been to high school running backs. The good news is that San Jose State was one of the first schools to extend an offer to James McConico, Compton High School's talented back. The bad news is McConico's talent is the worst kept secret on the West Coast, as he has since received offers from four PAC-10 schools, as well as Nebraska and Colorado. San Jose State has also reportedly extended an offer to Kyle Middlebrooks of Fountain Valley High School. In his junior season, Middlebrooks ran for 1,276 yards in only eight games and 149 carries, an average of 8.56 yard-per-carry, and scored 15 rushing touchdowns.

Stay tuned to Inside Sparta as we bring up the most accurate and up-to-date information of San Jose State recruiting targets.

Mike Morgan is Editor for Inside Sparta. You may contact Mike with any questions, comments, or tips at mike@insidesparta.com

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