Sean Scarbrough talks about Spartan hockey

Sean Scarbrough hung up his San Jose State hockey sweater as the program's all-time scoring leader. He played in more games during his five year career than any other Spartan icer. Earlier this week Scarbrough talked with Inside Sparta about his time with SJSU, and if hockey is in his future.

Anyone who has been to the U.S.S. Spartan (aka Sharks Ice in San Jose) to watch the San Jose State Ice Hockey club in the past five years is very familiar with the No. 18 blur as it flashes across the front of the goal crease and fires the puck past the a usually hapless and cross-eyed opposing goaltender.

That trademark cross, along with lightening speed, has made Spartan Forward Sean Scarbrough the most prolific scorer to ever wear the SJSU hockey sweater. His 180 goals scored along with his 308 point total are tops amongst SJSU players in the 18 year history of the program.

Now that his career as a Spartan is completed, Scarbrough talks with Inside Sparta about his time at SJSU, and what his plans are for the future.

San Jose State forward Sean Scarbrough is the SJSU all-time leading scorer. Over a five-year career he amassed 308 points, the first Spartan to cross the 300-point threshold.
Don Hoekwater - Inside Sparta: How long have you been playing hockey?

Sean Scarbrough: I have been playing since I was 8-years-old, which would make it about 15 years. The time flies.

DH: When did you first consider playing for SJSU?

SS: I don't really recall a time of considering SJSU for hockey. I wanted to stay close to home and go to a school where I could be happy and pursue film. I always knew there was hockey, but it just happened to be a very pleasant bonus and it will probably be what I remember most about college.

DH: What goals did you set and accomplish while playing for the Spartans?

SS: From my first day with the team my goal was always to be someone who could be depended on whether it be on or off the ice.

DH: Which goals did you fail to achieve (team and personal)?

SS: I am very happy with everything I've been able to accomplish here at SJSU. Failing to make Nationals the past two years has been hard to let go. I was spoiled my first three seasons, and especially during the 2005-2006 campaign, when we were good enough to play for the title.

San Jose State forward Sean Scarbrough embarassed many opposing goaltenders with his sweeping move across the front of the crease.

DH: What's it like to be a member of the SJSU hockey team? Describe the closeness. Also describe some of the difficulties.

SS: Being a member of any squad is quite a privilege and this team isn't any different. No team is ever the same for more than a season and the people I've met as the seasons have gone by will leave me stories to tell for the rest of my life. The closeness always varied. There were always the guys who were a little less social than others but the common goal of winning kept us all in the right shape of mind. I would say the most difficult part people faced was trying to keep in mind and remember that we were student-athletes. The games were what we looked forward to all week and the priority of reading a chapter for class or getting your skates sharpened by a certain time would be a real dilemma.

DH: What was your most cherished memory as a player?

SS: There are too many to just have one. From my first game playing in front of 500 people to my last where, after it was all over, my teammates came to me to share how much they enjoyed having played with me. As a person, let alone a hockey player, it was very fulfilling to know that I had the respect of everyone who put on the jersey. This whole experience will always remain a great memory and unforgettable time of my life.

DH: What was your most disappointing moment?

SS: I think everyone who was a part of the team in '05-'06 would say not finishing higher at Nationals was their biggest disappointment. We worked so hard to win the No. 1 seed for the first time in SJSU history, and when It came time to play we just didn't come with our best games.

DH: What were your feelings when you broke the scoring records?

SS: I never set out to break any records when I started playing, but as I crept closer and closer to them people would start talking and it would be hard to focus, especially when I had cold streaks. For the most part I never recognized right away that I broke any record on a certain point or goal. I've always been more interested in securing wins.

DH: How is the team changed from when you started to when you ended your career?

SS: The team is always going through an enormous cycle of changes. From players, practice coaches, volunteers, game plans and position battles. It's hard to find stability and we are lucky we had some people who were so great at being able to do jobs for us on and off the ice.

DH: Who was your mentor on the team?

SS: As he was to almost everyone he played with, Ray Kellam was the best team leader I've ever been around.

DH: Do you have any hockey plans moving forward?

SS: I hope to continue my hockey career after graduation by going overseas in Europe or Australia. However, I wouldn't be disappointed if I've played my last meaningful game wearing the Spartan sweater.

Sean is planning to graduate in May 2010 with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film.

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