Spartan Stadium field renovation photos

The Spartan Stadium playing field is undergoing a conversion from natural grass to Field Turf. Inside Sparta presents an image gallery of the current state of the renovation, projected to be completed in early May.

Anyone who witnessed the 2007 mud bowl against Hawai'i will understand the sense of relief amongst the San Jose State faithful in knowing that quagmire will never again occur at Spartan Stadium. SJSU fans will recall the reaction of then-Warrior head coach June Jones when he angrily stated that his team, "...would have scored another 60 points" had it not been for the atrocious field conditions. As it was the Warriors squeaked out a 42-35 overtime win.

Jones is gone from Hawai'i, and the old natural grass field is gone as well from Spartan Stadium. In it's place will be Field Turf, an artificial surface that closely resembles natural turf without the erosion factors and maintenance necessary for a natural surface - it's sand, rubber, and plastic so no need for watering or mowing.

Inside Sparta was at the Stadium on Friday and captured a few images of the progress, scheduled for an early May completion. The first use of the new field will be for a non-sporting event - graduation. The first Spartan athletic team to use the field will be soccer, according to the SJSU Athletic Dept.

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